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The 8 Most Stylish Celebrity Halloween Costumes from 2013

Take away the designer duds, impressive mansions, and hot Hollywood hookups, and you’ll realize that celebrities are just like us. They Snap Chat their friends (which probably includes Blake Lively and Lily Aldrigde.. casual), experience heartbreak, and (most importantly) they dress up for Halloween. While some of our favorite celebrites might’ve committed a Halloween faux pas (Julianne Hough, we’re talking about you), leave it to our favorite trendsetters to have sartorially superior ensembles. Since you were probably too preoccupied with your own costume to check out what others were sporting, take a gander at these stylish outfits.


1. Kate Moss 

If you love fashion, you must abide to two rules all the time: never wear Crocs and love Kate Moss. Though the model-turned-Vogue editor has had her fair share of controversies, we just adore Moss for her unapologetically chic aesthetic. This Halloween, she and beau Jamie Hince were by far the chicest “Day of the Dead” characters we saw (sorry Fergie and Josh Duhamel, you guys were a close second). With extavagant costumes and detailled makeup, Moss amazes us once again. 


2. Heidi Klum

It’s so surprise that the Project Runway host loves this spooky holiday: she throws over-the-top Halloween partites every year (coincidently, our invite gets lost in the mail everytime) and wears only the most insane ensembles. Though it’s a little surprising when a leggy model arrives to her own party as an old lady, Klum (as always) went all out. From the well-crafted wrinkles to her trusty cane, Klum was unrecognizable! We cannot wait to see what she does next year– maybe we’ll finally get our hands on an invitation. Keyword: maybe.


3. Kelly Osbourne

Sorry Chloe Grace Mortez, the Fashion Police host had the best Carrie remake of the year. Between the stragetically placed “blood splatters” to the spooky nail art, Osbourne’s attention to detail was absolutely spectacular. And when rocker Ozzy Osbourne give a chilling outfit his seal of approval, you know it’s good.


4. Iggy Azalea

We always knew that Cruella De Vil was one of the most fashion-forward Disney villians, but we’re never seen the dog snatcher this trendy! No stranger to making a statement, Azalea’s costume is eye-catching, modern, and stylish. For the perfect finishing touch, the musician/model went to VEVO’s Halloween soirée with a dalmation–both authentic and extravagant! 


5. Lauren Conrad

Seriously, can the reality star turned fashion designer do any wrong? We don’t think so either. This year, LC attended Matthew Morrison’s spooky bash as the Tooth Fairy. Unlike most Halloween costumes, The Hills star’s ensemble was extremely modest and feminine (which is exactly why we like it). When it comes to keeping things classy, we can always rely on Conrad.


6. Ashley Madekwe

Though most people know her from her role on Revenge, style savants know that Madekwe is also an amazng fashion blogger.  The trendsetter got a little nerdy this year (fashion nerdy, that is) and dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld’s coveted cat, Choupette. To complete the look, husband Iddo Goldberg dressed up as a the acclaimed designer. Meow!


7. Rachel Zoe

While many fashion-forward collegiettes dress up as the major stylist turned designer, Zoe channeled her inner flower child and spent Halloween as Cher. Since the style savant is openly influenced by the sixities and seventies, this costume isn’t too surprising. However, the execution is bananas. Zoe’s long wig and dramatic eye makeup transformed her into the “I Got You Babe” singer and husband Roger Berman makes a great Sonny Bono.


8. Harley Viera Newton

Repeat after us: when in doubt, a funny costume always works. This year, the DJ/ model stuck to that rule opted for a basic hot dog costume. Viera Newton posted this picture on her Instagram account with the caption “Happy Halloweenie”– so funny! Though she graced the pages of Vogue and Elle, this is definitely her most fun look yet. 


Which Halloween costumes did you love? Which ones are we missing? Sound off below!



Kelsey is a senior at Boston University, studying Magazine Journalism  in the College of Communication. As a magazine junkie and fashion fanatic, she loves being a part of the Her Campus team! At BU, Kelsey is president of Ed2010 at Boston University.  She has interned for Time Out New York, Lucky, Anthropologie, and Marie Claire. Kelsey also has a fashion blog, The Trendologist, where she covers the latest trends, fashion shows, and red carpet reports. When she isn't busy, Kelsey loves hanging out with her friends and family, shopping, reading style blogs, going for a nice jog, listening to music, creating baked goods in the kitchen, watching movies, and eating tons of frozen yogurt and sushi! After graduation, Kelsey hopes to work as an editor for a fashion magazine. Follow Kelsey on Twitter and Instagram at @kmulvs and don't  forget to check out her "Catwalk to Campus" blog posts!
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