7 Cute Ways to Wear Sneakers Outside the Gym

There have been a lot of shoe trends; it’s one of the many, many ways that we get to express ourselves. And then, depending on your individual style, there are so many possibilities to try! But sometimes we get into a rut and can’t think of spontaneous and creative ways to wear them. And you know what people often forget to add to their closets? Sneakers.

You heard that correctly; the sneaker can and should be used for more than just the gym. While your handy trainers will accompany you while you dash to work on time or kick your butt into shape on the elliptical, they can also be your biggest fashion asset. Here are just a few examples of how to strut with (comfy) style every day.

Cropped Jeans

Probably one of the easiest ways to style sneakers into your everyday life is to wear them with jeans. These high-topped sneakers look so good with shorter jeans. This matte black would look good with any dark wash, and the cropped style also gives levels to your look; jeans, leg, (optional crazy socks) then the shoes. Suede is definitely a texture that screams fall.

Shoe shown from: Zara

Price: $69.90

Sporty Minus the Sport


Do you ever want to dress like you just got out of bed or just in ultimate comfort, but still look good? Well, you can. Athleisure clothing is currently rising to the top of fashion’s must-do outfits. Screw the people who tell you yoga pants aren’t acceptable and rock those patterned leggings (FYI, if you wear it as clothing, it’s acceptable; no one needs permission to wear something). With a cute bomber jacket and crop top, these sleek sneakers will have you looking your best without breaking a sweat.

Shoe shown from: Zara

Price: $49.90

That Sexy LBD


Yes, sneakers can also go with dresses. The typical Little Black Dress is paired with ankle-breaking heels that will give you blisters as soon as you hit the dance floor (or in my experience, as soon as you leave your front stoop). Again, when it comes to comfort, nothing beats sneaks. While these are dope and most definitely would go with any LBD, if full-on glitter isn’t your thing, remember that anything goes with black. So you can try a baby pink, a dark suede maroon or even bring a pop of color with a neon blue or bright yellow. This would also allow some major room for accessorizing with matching pieces.

Shoe shown from: Topshop

Price: $44



Want to know what’s better than rolling up to a party with sneakers on? Coming with joggers and sneakers on. Joggers are God’s gift to humans, allowing us to look good but be secretly wearing sweatpants. Whether you want fake denim, khaki, textured or actual cotton sweatpants, the cinched ankle on these unique pants automatically boosts your outfit. While flats or some kind of sneakers are typical to pair with joggers, these old-school metallic vans will add so much to your look. The shine pops and the style is something Paris Hilton would dig. And you know that’s a plus.

Shoe shown from: Vans

Price: $65

Holiday Dresses

Just like with the LBD, these particular trainers will be just as fancy as any high-heels. This holiday season, instead of stressing over wearing an outfit that allows for Thanksgiving food-baby growth AND on not getting blisters from your shoes, stick with comfort as much as you can. And if this ultra-shiny Velcro number isn’t your thing, you can still find the perfect pair to match your uber-cute holiday dress. Nowadays, stores like Topshop, Zara and H&M make sneakers that are worthy of showing off, even to the world’s snobbiest relatives.

Shoe shown from: Topshop

Price: $44

Low-Key Dress

We can’t do a sneakers list without adding the hottest ones at the moment; the Adidas Superstar. These classic sneakers shot to the top of fashion trends recently, and for good reason. These aren’t too bulky or loud, but just enough to stand out and add ultimate style points to your ensemble. And some might not realize, but these look pretty trendy with a nice and casual flowy skirt or dress. Pair it with a choker and denim jacket and you’re ready to go.

Shoe shown from: Adidas

Price: $80

Dress Pants – Ultimate Work Gear


Yes, sneakers are perfect for the workplace. They provide a great way to stay comfortable at work for those moments when you can’t seem to catch a break and rest your legs. There are some jobs that are super strict with either what type of shoes you wear or have strict conduct codes that forbid sneakers, but if your job doesn’t, we say go for it! With a texture like this shoe, it’ll really stand out when paired with black dress pants or virtually any solid color pant. These are classy, yet still have an edgy vibe to them that aren’t so much hipster as they are effortlessly cool.

Shoe shown from: H&M

Price: $19.99

So next time you’re reaching for those pumps for the office or the chunky heeled boots you recently acquired for date night, remember that the comfier alternative are sneakers! Super versatile and stylish? Yes, please!