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Midi skirts are a hot trend for this spring and summer. These shin-length skirts graced the Fashion Week runways of designers like Rebecca Minkoff and Victoria Beckham and are personal favorites of celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Eva Mendes. The classy silhouette is a must-have item for the fashionable collegiette, so read on for some amazing ideas for how to style this piece!

1. Casual in a chambray shirt

A chambray shirt is a perfect, lightweight pick for the warmer seasons. These “shirts are the wardrobe workhorse,” according to stylist and fashion blogger Stephanie Jones. Chambray is a super versatile outfit option and is great for a casual look.

Jones suggests pairing a chambray shirt “with a leather midi for an edge appeal, or, if you prefer something a little more feminine, tuck [it] into a pleated midi skirt.” This type of shirt can go with both a solid or patterned skirt because it works as a neutral.

Jones says to try out this look to “a school event that needs a little more love than the typical class attire.” This look is a few steps up from your typical leggings-and-sweater routine, but we promise it is just as comfy and casual! This Faux-Leather A-Line Midi Skirt from Nordstrom ($34.98) will make your look more edgy, but the blue color makes it fun for spring.

2. Keep it balanced

When wearing a full midi skirt, the best way to rock this look is through balancing proportions and patterns. If you choose to wear a patterned skirt, there will be a lot going on in the bottom half of your outfit, so it’s best to keep your top simpler. Jones says to wear the skirt “with a basic tank to make the skirt a true standout. Strappy heels are a delicate addition to the full midi and show off some more leg for an elongating effect.”

This outfit is an awesome choice for a day at your internship. If your office is more conservative, throw on a bright cardigan or cropped jacket over your tank. River Island’s Black and White Geometric Stripe Midi Skirt ($70) has a full skirt and fun pattern. Pairing it with a simple top, like Forever 21’s Poetic Crocheted Layered Tank ($14.80), makes for a great outfit.

3. With a crop top

Crop tops and midi skirts are basically made for each other. Again, it’s all about balancing proportions, and the smaller top will contrast with the full skirt bottom beautifully. Jones suggests opting for a loose crop top “if you are wearing a body-clinging knit skirt. It will come across more sophisticated than risqué.” With a fuller skirt, go ahead and try out a tight crop top! If you want to avoid baring your midriff altogether, pick a crop top that hits right at the waistline of the skirt.

Jones advises to wear this look on a date. It’s a fun, flirty look that’s guaranteed to impress your crush. ASOS’s Midi Skirt in Abstract Print ($65.85) paired with ASOS’s Crop Top With Sweetheart Neck and Off Shoulder ($15.05) is a hot date look for spring.

4. Stay comfy in a luxe sweatshirt

Love wearing your sweats, but still want to look chic for class? Try out this cozy take on a midi skirt. It’s as comfortable as wearing your favorite sweats, but so much more fashionable. A luxe sweatshirt is basically just a dressed-up sweatshirt, often with embroidering or embellishing.

Try out this look for your next lecture or library study sesh. This Forever 21 Classic Midi Skirt ($12.80) paired with this cute Zara sweatshirt ($69.90) will give you an outfit that’s the best of both worlds: cozy and chic.

5. Head-to-toe white

White is an elegant and crisp color for summer and spring, so why not wear it from head to toe? The best way to pull off a monochromatic outfit is by adding in a textured piece so there’s some intrigue in the outfit. According to Jones, “the textured midi is a refreshing replacement from our overworked winter wardrobe.” While the textured bottom breaks up all the white, it’s also fun to throw in a pop of color with a bold bag, jewelry or shoes.

This all-white look is “an easy outfit for a day shopping in the city or a clean ensemble for Easter brunch,” Jones says. Topshop’s Diamond Jacquard Midi Skirt ($88) is textured with pleat detailing and makes for an incredibly gorgeous monochromatic outfit. Try out the Love Shell Crop Top from ASOS ($45.15) to complete the look.

6. Polished and professional in a button-down

A button-down is a timeless and effortless piece, and a classic white one goes with everything. “It can be paired with any type of midi skirt: pleated, circle, A-line, pencil,” Jones says.

A button-down shirt gives a clean-cut feel to an outfit and is perfect for a day at your internship or an interview. This Zara Silk Blouse ($79.90) and this ASOS Spot Pleat Midi Skirt ($71.49) are great examples of how to rock a professional look while still appearing fashionable and youthful.

7. Beach-ready in eyelet

Head to the beach this summer as fashionable as ever in an eyelet midi skirt. This skirt from Free People ($98) is totally beach chic and would look great with your favorite bikini and a big, floppy hat. It gives off a boho vibe that is perfect for a day at the ocean. Come evening and bonfire time, throw on a white tank or T-shirt over your bikini top as a simple outfit transition. 

With these outfits in mind, you’re now well equipped to master the hottest spring trend. Midi skirts are without a doubt the new “it” item, and once the weather warms up, these skirts will start popping up on campuses everywhere. What’s your favorite midi-skirt outfit? Let us know in the comments section below!

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