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5 Outfits to Copy That Will Transition You from Winter to Spring

Thick layers, warm boots and woven scarves have wrapped us well this winter season, but things are heating up and so should our wardrobes. As winter ends and we stroll into the spring season, our style is going to need its own little transition period. After all, we all want to get as much use out of our warmer pieces before we stow them away for next winter. To help you transition your own style, HC has you covered with five gorgeous outfits you can replicate to take your wardrobe from winter chic to spring flair.

Save your tights and bring out the pastel tops

Winter to spring style involves mixing pieces that will still keep you relatively warm in the progressively less chilly weather while livening it up with spring flair. Keeping staple winter pieces like tights and leggings in your style will echo the winter trends. Wearing muted winter items with fun spring items creates a dynamic style transition. Skirts generally give off a whimsical spring vibe, but this skirt style is still wintery with its stiffer fit and muted mustard color.

Spice up your winter skirt and tights with bright pastel tops, which are essential for spring. They channel the blossoming pink flowers and light baby blue skies you’ll see throughout the season. Darker winter pieces keep things slightly muted while the livelier pieces bring winter and spring together. Throw in a fancy beret for a fun spring-in-France feel, flower accents for more spring aesthetic and booties for that last touch of winter chic. Don’t forget a rosy makeup look with your perfect pinky blush that mimics the spring roses and the flush you get from a cold winter’s day.

Re-boot and flash your florals 

Pastel floral dresses like this one scream springtime but throwing in a pair of deeper colored boots makes the outfit channel winter fashion as well. Makeup can also steer an outfit in a whole other direction; this matching frosty blue eyeshadow is a perfect both for winter and springtime. This color matches the dress but is still reminiscent of the winter season. Feel free to add a matching jacket to the mix if you want to get more winter vibes out of this outfit. Otherwise, the boots and makeup look are all you need to make an outfit that walks the line between spring and winter perfectly.

Blush tones are your best friends

Blush tones are perfect for winter, spring and honestly, all year round. Blush tones mimic winter chills, summer rosiness, and actual spring blossoms. If you want a look that transitions well between seasons, blush tones are the way to go. Try an outfit with a monochromatic scheme of pinks like this one. The pastel pinks are true to spring while the deepest magentas harken back to winter time. Middle rose tones like this lipstick color will tie the whole ensemble together as a pink paradise. And of course, you can never go wrong with any flower motifs when you want to embody springtime. Pink socks and shoes play up the spring aesthetic while keeping your tootsies toasty. Lastly, throw in a denim jacket for that final warm winter touch.

Cozy winter pieces can stay

Not ready to let go of a cozy winter style just yet? There are still tons of pieces you’ll find the use for in warmer weather, like a fleece or wool cardigan. This piece is more on the wintery side but changing some of the smaller pieces in your normal winter outfit can really spring your style up. Replace the boots you’d normally pair with this cardigan with some whimsical wedge sandals. Swap out your long sleeve turtleneck for a brighter, thinner sleeveless top. A peachy makeup look and floral jewelry will refresh your old winter outfit into a pretty spring ensemble you’ll love to wear all season long. No need to drop all your winter pieces for bright spring ones; go ahead and stay cozy in your winter wear while making spring statements.

Edge out spring with winter wear 

All this talk of florals and pastels is great and all, but does transitioning to spring style really mean losing the edginess of winter fashion? Darker colors and sharper edges are typical of winter wear, but you can cross those elements over into a transitional spring ensemble.

An outfit like this one is bolder and bright but perfect for stepping into spring. This jacket is a perfect middle ground between winter and spring fashion — the lighter yellow matches the softer spring color scheme while still being dark enough to mimic typical winter fashion. Not to mention the zippers and silver accents that give it that edgier appearance. Pops of color like a pink lip and a bubblegum pink heel also bring a bolder side to spring fashion. Finish the look off with cute pink stud earrings and light -wash jeans to keep up the pastel vibes. And voilà, you now have a unique winter to spring outfit that’ll leave onlookers baffled at its beauty.

Changing up our style so suddenly can seem daunting, but the mix of spring and winter trends makes for an extraordinary style opportunity. You get to splice together your favorite things about both seasons and create outfits that you otherwise wouldn’t think about putting together. Experiment with different pieces and you may be surprised at what you create. Let’s take this brief transitional period as a golden opportunity to try new things and make bolder and brighter fashion statements.

Iesha Ismail studied as a double major in English and Women's Studies at the University of Florida. Iesha is the High School/Her Future editor, a Feature Writer, and Style Blogger for Her Campus National. She was also the senior editor for Her Campus UFL and senior content editor for UF's Sparks Magazine. She is currently working in editorial for a financial research publication firm, and a guest contributor for Muslim Women Professionals. Iesha loves to observe nature and fashion as inspiration for all kinds writing she's into. Fashion, culture, drawing, and animation are just a few of the passions she plays with on the daily. Whether it's writing colorful stories or sketching in her worn out sketchbooks, Iesha always dabbles in anything art.
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