5 Korean Style Trends You Definitely Need to Try

From K-Pop's catchy tunes to K-Beauty's obsession with perfect skin, Korean trends are really having a moment right now – and K-Style isn't being left out. From off-the-shoulder tops inspired by music videos to oversized denim jackets that are all the rage in true Korean street style, we’ve found some effortless K-Style fashion trends that you need to try immediately. Prepare to be obsessed.

1. Off-the-shoulder tops

We can’t talk about K-Style without talking about the hottest music genre right now, K-Pop. One of the styles that often can be spotted in K-Pop, whether on stage or in videos, is off-the-shoulder tops.  According to Keoni Nguyen, a senior at Rutgers University, a perfect example of this trend is in the music video for TWICE’s “Dance the Night Away.” Their off-the-shoulder tops in the music video are perfect for a casual look – or even a vacation look – when paired with some cutoff denim shorts and sandals.

2. Puffed sleeves

According to Who What Wear, puffed sleeves are a K-Style trend to watch out for. The puffed sleeve trend is the perfect mix of sweet, classy and professional. Pair a white chiffon puffed sleeve top with a nice black skirt and some simple jewelry for a super stylish look to rock at the office.


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3. Suspender dresses

If you search images of Korean style, the suspender dress will be one of the first things that comes up. Honestly, we're not surprised – it’s so stylish and easy to wear! Suspender dresses are basically long skirts with thick straps on top, making it super easy to pair with your favorite t-shirt. Plus, this outfit is perfect for piling on accessories like layered necklaces, cool hats and fashionable sunglasses.

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4. Statement earrings

Keoni also mentions statement earrings as a style trend seen in K-Pop, especially in Apink’s music video for “I’m So Sick.” Statement earrings are the perfect addition to any wardrobe because they’re so versatile. From big, colorful baubles to sleek, geometric shapes, you can find statement earrings to match any vibe. 


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5. Oversized denim jackets

When thumbing through pictures of Korean street style looks, oversized denim jackets seem to be everywhere. They're an amazing way to add some cool-girl style to any outfit, whether that’s paired with cutoffs during the summer or layered over a hoodie and a pair of black skinny jeans in the fall.

You’re going to be the most stylish person in your friend group with these K-Style trends in your closet.