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3 Reasons Why You Should Shop in the Men’s Section

Have you ever shopped in the men’s section? It might sound strange, but tons of women do it! Once you start looking in the men’s sections of stores for t-shirts, hats, watches and more, your life will be ~changed~. We’re not saying you should switch over to shopping in the men’s section full-time (unless you want to, in which case, you definitely should), but we do have a few reasons why you should venture over there, if you haven’t already.

Comfy tees

We all love a comfy T-shirt, and honestly no T-shirts are more comfortable than the ones in the men’s section.

“Ever notice how women’s T-shirts are always tight, V-necked or low-quality? If I’m going to wear a T-shirt, I’m going to be comfy, so men’s graphic tees are a must,” Annie Kate Raglow, a sophomore at Loyola University of Chicago, says. And if the fact that men’s shirts are more comfortable doesn’t sway you, maybe consider the price tag.

“In the women’s section I find that the oversize trend comes with a higher price tag, but in the men’s it’s just normal sizes,” Abby Piper, a senior at Notre Dame, says. Plus, there are a ton of flannels and sweatshirts in the men’s section that are cozy AF. Annie says her go-to stores for men’s tees and flannels are H&M, Uniqlo and thrift stores, and Abby says Target is her go-to for men’s tees.

Basically, men’s tops are a must for the girl who loves to be comfortable, and let’s be real, we’re all that girl.

Cheaper finds

Aside from comfy shirts, the men’s section is also a great place to find some deals. Stephanie Murray, a junior at Savannah College of Art and Design, has searching men’s sales down to a science, especially in the shoe department.

“I wear a women’s 10 and a men’s 7.5 or 8 depending on the fit of the shoe,” she says. “This works to my advantage because most men wear a larger size, leaving all the shoes to me. I’ve also noticed that in Goodwill and at the Nike Outlet, most ‘feminine’ shoes in the men’s department are left and usually end up being 50-75 percent off.” Genius, right? So next time you go shoe shopping, don’t overlook men’s shoes, particularly at thrift stores.

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Fun accessories

If you’re not convinced about shopping in the men’s department yet, then let’s talk accessories. There are some underrated accessories there, like socks. LuAnna Gerdemann, a senior at Augustana College, says that some men’s socks are not only cool, but are nice and thick to keep your toes warm. She also mentions that men’s hats and beanies are good accessories to look into while you’re there, which Brea Cubit, a senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia agrees with.

“They have the best hats,” Brea says. “Guys hats have really cool graphics; they’re really simple and edgy in a way.” She notes that they come in camo prints and color-blocked designs that aren’t as prominent in the women’s section of stores like Forever 21 and Target. 

Watches are also a point of interest in the men’s section, as they tend to be bigger when they’re made for men.

“I find all of my watches and gadgets in the men’s department,” Stephanie says. “Male watches have larger faces and are easier to read. Their watches usually have a minimal design and casing without decorative details.” For accessories with a simpler design, the men’s section is the place to shop.

The men’s section is a little treasure trove of great finds, and while you might not strike gold every time, you might get some cozy shirts, great deals and minimal accessories. Honestly, that’s really all we need.

Micki Wagner is a senior at the University of Missouri-Columbia where she is pursuing a major in Magazine Journalism and a minor in Classics. When she's not writing, she can be found watching beauty videos on YouTube, wandering around bookstores and daydreaming about her celebrity crushes. In addition to writing for Her Campus, Micki also writes more personal pieces on her blog at https://theresidentialblonde.com/. You can follow her on Instagram @mickimouse95.