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Taylor Swift \'1989 (Taylor\'s Version)
Taylor Swift \'1989 (Taylor\'s Version)
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The ‘1989 (TV)’ Cardigan Is A Light Blue Dream

Taylor Swift wouldn’t be Taylor without her iconic cardigan. As Swift continues to captivate her dedicated fanbase with the reimagined releases of her iconic albums, speculation was running in Swifties’ wildest dreams about a potential new 1989 cardigan. Swift’s tradition of releasing folklore-themed cardigans tailored to the new version of each of her albums left fans eager to see if a similar delight awaited them for 1989 (Taylor’s Version) — and it did.

Recent online buzz and intriguing clues, such as a mysterious image of the singer holding a latte with clock art, first ignited anticipation for the 1989 cardigan. Before it dropped on Taylor Swift’s merch site, there was a countdown on the merchandise site that told fans the current 1989 products for sale would only be available until 2 p.m. on Oct. 27.

Swift is no stranger to using cryptic clues and Easter eggs to tease her fans. Swifties around the world love attempting to decode them, and there wasn’t a better day to drop one than the re-release of 1989. So what surprise did the singer-songwriter have in store? A beautiful light blue cardigan with “1989” embroidered on the front left chest and a seagull design on the back. It retails for $70.

In her last three Taylor’s Version albums, Swift has continued a delightful tradition of releasing matching cardigans that perfectly complement the album’s unique vibes. These knitted, oversized sweaters — often adorned with stars and other charming elements — serve as a tangible embodiment of not only Swift’s warm and inviting personality, but also the heartwarming essence of her lyrics. While the newer versions don’t stray too far from the OG, the new designs seamlessly manage to weave in a fresh layer of creativity and sentiment.

For the Red cardigan, it’s a cream color and has three buttons down the middle, a little red patch that says “Taylor Swift” at the bottom, and four red star patches on each of the sleeves. Swift’s Speak Now cardigan is a dark purple sweater with matching purple buttons and golden sparkle star patches adorned along both sleeves.

Each cardigan becomes a cherished piece of memorabilia, uniting fans in a shared appreciation of Taylor Swift’s artistry and her endearing connection with her audience. I already got mine — are you adding this cardigan to your cart?

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