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How To Plan A ’1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ Release Party Of Your Wildest Dreams

Swifties, it’s time. 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is just around the corner. From the months scouring Swift’s moves for Easter eggs to going feral over the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) announcement during her Eras Tour, it’s been a long time coming — and it’s a cause for celebration. In just a few days, fans will unite to dance to “Shake It Off,” scream to “Blank Space,” and finally see if they got the Harry Styles feature they’ve been pining for. 

The re-release of 1989 drops on Oct. 27 and the Swiftie preparation for the big night is already in the works. Ms. Swift loves a good party, so it’s only right to throw a 1989-themed listening party to celebrate this iconic album gracing our ears once again. From “Welcome to New York” coded outfits to 1989 blue decorations, here’s everything you need to plan the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) release party of your wildest dreams. 

Photo ops

A listening party would not be complete without photo ops to remember the night. In true 1989 fashion, polaroids are a must. They are a staple of the 1989 era from the original album cover to the exclusive polaroids that were included in your purchase of the album. Bonus points if you have the baby blue Fujifilm Instax camera. To spice up the photos, give everyone a pair of white sunglasses — “Blank Space” style. 

1989-inspired drinks 

Nothing gets me more excited for a girls’ night in than a themed drink. Have each of your friends make a drink or mocktail inspired by their favorite song lyric or song title from 1989, or anything that would be Blondie-approved (looking at you Vodka Cran from the Chiefs game). If your creative juices aren’t flowing, don’t worry I dream about themed drinks on the daily so I got your back. 

  1. Red lip classic 

Blondie is known for her red lip staple, but in the 1989 era, the red lip was the moment. I mean, she didn’t say “I got that red lip classic thing that you like” in “Style” for nothing. It’s only right we pay homage to the iconic red lip with a dirty shirley, or a shirley temple for my mocktail besties. You have to top it off with a cherry to channel the “Blank Space” cherry lips, crystal skies. 

  1. Welcome to New York 

1989 is for the city girls, my besties who love New York. As Swift said in 1989, “Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you.” Escape to the city during your 1989 (Taylor’s Version) listening party with a “Welcome to New York” Cosmopolitan or Manhattan, city staples. 

  1. Blueberry Vanilla Milk Shake (It Off)

I don’t know about you, but 1989 gives me ‘50s energy with milkshakes and diners. So, it’s only fitting we do a milkshake inspired by the main character of the 1989 tracklist, “Shake It Off.” To mix the staple colors of the album, create a blueberry vanilla milkshake to sip on while you listen to the new tracks. 


This isn’t Swifties’ first rodeo with re-releases, so they know there will be a lot of screaming, crying, and dancing. The key to a listening party is to be dressed in theme but also comfy. To sum up 1989 fashion in three words: blue, sequins, and preppy. If you resonate with preppy Swift, recreate her “Shake It Off” cheerleader costume. If you want to emulate “Welcome to New York” vibes, wear an “I <3 NY” shirt. If you’re sticking to the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) core, wear a flowy white dress or blue floral dress reminiscent of her new album cover. If you’re having post-Eras Tour depression, recreate her 1989 concert look with a matching sequin set. If you have none of these outfits, all you need is 1989-coded blue to wear. Think: Baby blue, crystal skies, and the beach. 


The decor for a 1989 listening party should be like a baby boy gender reveal but like… stylish? Whether it be table covers or balloons, the 1989 blue should be everywhere in your apartment or house. You can lighten it up with the album cover dove-inspired off-white, or even have dove balloons hanging up.  Sequins and 1989 go hand-in-hand, so elevate the decor by hanging silver tinsel that also acts as a great backdrop for photo ops. The Polaroids you take with your friends should be taped to the hanging tinsel to complete the look. 


At any party, you will find me wherever the food is. If I’m going to be listening to 21 tracks that break my heart but also make me want to take a golf club to a car (IYKYK), then I need some fuel. For appetizers, opt for a charcuterie board that channels the sophistication of upscale city life. In true New York fashion, the main food will be NY-style pizza. Finish up the night with a heart-shaped cake with the words “Boys only want love if it’s torture” or “Heartbreak is the national anthem” written on top. If you’re really feeling like Swift, then eat the cake in “I Bet You Think About Me” fashion. 


This isn’t even up for debate. 1989 (Taylor’s Version) will be on repeat all night.

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