10 Places to Shop if Athleisure is Your Aesthetic

Workout clothes are arguably the best kind of clothes. They’re made so that you can move, so that your skin can breathe, and basically so that you can kill your workout. Thankfully athleisure exists so we can get the best of both worlds when it comes to our clothes – style and function. Wearing old sweats, or shirts tearing at the seams, isn’t a good look in any setting. Polish your class-to-gym/home look with the help of these athleisure stores and brands.

1. Lululemon

Lulu is the OG athleisure brand. Their clothes range from basic leggings ($98) to performance shirts, and yoga accessories. The quality is top notch which is why they cost a bit more than your average workout gear. What you’re paying for are seamless lines and colorful pieces that will elevate your wardrobe. Buying a few essential pieces, like black leggings that actually look presentable will boost your confidence as you go from class to your workout.

2. Athleta

Athleta, Lululemon’s rival, is owned by another store perfect for fitness gear, Gap Inc. Athleta has some major style going on. The website's lookbooks are proof of why we love wearing athleisure. "Style Vitals," "Total Versatility," and "Trail-to-Town" have the best combos for a flexible wardrobe. They also keep in mind our love for the gym and our love of fashion. 

3. Fabletics

This store has had some mixed reviews because it’s not your typical workout gear store. Fabletics, which has only 18 brick and mortar stores, is mainly an online subscription service for athleisure wear. Every month you receive a list of outfits to pick from which range from versatile coats to stylish scarves. If you don’t want to spend your cash on an outfit that month, you can simply skip it and not pay anything. Some people forget to do so and then get upset when charged a fee. We love that they sell whole outfits as a package deal — aka you can get a shirt, bra, and leggings for one price.

4. Terez

Leggings from this store are sure to turn heads and can make a powerful fashion statement. Go beyond basic black leggings with sequin-studded capris or turn it back to 1980 with mixtape print leggings ($75). Styling these bold leggings with some of Terez’s plain tops will balance out the look.

5. Bandier

Bandier takes casual cool to occasional rebel with chic basics as well as glossy leggings. If Terez leggings seem a bit bold, this is the brand to start with. Start off with the subtle silk stencil print and work your way up to this etched paisley pant ($109). You'll feel confident enough to wear eye-popping prints in no time.

6. Carbon 38

With 86 brands sold on their site, including their own original pieces, there is something for every fitness-wear junkie. Love printed t-shirts with sassy sayings like “Post Pilates Pinot” or "Seriously Can't Even" ($52)? They have you covered. Or what about a jumpsuit that could be worn on a night out and double as a Catwoman costume for next Halloween? (It’s never too early to start planning!)

7. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices stuns with cool tones and simple designs that will work with any wardrobe. While they sell individual pieces, their kits come with two to four pieces that you can customize. If you’re tired of leggings — a rare occasion, but we know it happens —, then head over to Outdoor Voice’s pants section for comfy causal pants ($95- $120). Give your legs a break with pants that won't cut off your circulation.

8. Aday

Although Aday has a small selection, it’s worth checking out their site, even just for the accessories. The track pants wow in what they call a "wet look" aka a shiny pleather looking material. If you're looking for something cozier take a peek at their stretchy cashmere beanie ($32). You'll be begging for them to introduce more products for both your casual and sleek sides. 

9. Target – C9 Champion

We know it’s common to leave Target with more products than you planned on. These C9 Champion styles don’t make it any easier. Super affordable prices make it easy to freshen up your athleisure look with basics at basic prices.

10. Six 02

Six 02 features both non-designer and designer brands. If you’re on a budget, you can peruse the pricey stuff and still leave the website with cute items. This curated boutique idolizes sneakers over heels and happy hours that start with a workout class. The best part is that they sell the gear to do it in style.

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Living in your old gym wear from high school can put a damper on your workout and is not ok for class or work. Athleisure clothes are the perfect combo of gym-appropriateness without looking like a neon Nike ad. While some brands like Lululemon require a bit of an investment others like C9 Champion are easy to add to your Target haul. At the very least these stores all provide fashion and workout inspiration for any athleisure wear buff.