10 Affordable Products You Need in Your Room, Like Right Now

Are you one of the many who are consistently busy and overwhelmed, wishing you had a nice, aesthetically pleasing space to come back to and relax in after a long day? When it comes to your home, whether dorm or apartment, it’s important to make it feel cozy and comforting. Here are 10 items that are perfect for every dorm, apartment and, most importantly, budget!

  1. 1. A Neon Sign

    Looking for a way to change the vibes of the room? Look no further than you very own neon sign. Using this Make-Your-Own Neon Sign from Urban Outfitters, you can create a custom neon-style light–just like the ones your favorite blogger has–with the bendable light-up wire. The wires are easy to twist and shape and, whether you have it on static, slow flash, or fast flash, this piece is sure to be a big hit.

  2. 2. A Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Forget your average night light and get yourself a Himalayan salt lamp! This lamp from Amazon comes with a crystal salt lamp, a real wood base and a dimmer switch, perfect for setting the best mood! 

  3. 3. An Essential Oil Diffuser

    When you can't burn candles in your dorm, an essential oil diffuser is a must-have. This oil diffuser from Urban Outfitters is so sleek it’ll add a level of sophistication to your setup alongside your new signature scents of choice. Pro-tip: in the morning, add some citrus and lemongrass to wake up your senses and use lavender and eucalyptus at night to de-stress. 

  4. 4. A Monogrammed Mug

    When you have roommates, it’s always nice to have your own mug. Not only is this mug from Anthropologie the cutest addition to your coffee and/or tea time, it’s also dishwasher and microwave safe! The matte black finish will look cute on your Instagram, and the personalization will keep your roommate from grabbing the wrong one (again!). 

  5. 5. A Tissue Box Cover

    Whether you’re reaching for the tissues because you’re sick, down in the college blues (we’ve all been there), or that Netflix binge got to you, everyone could use a cute tissue box cover. I know you have the tissues, so make them fashionable while you’re at it. Ansel sells a tissue box cover through Urban Outfitters that will level up your next cry-sesh. 

  6. 6. A Toilet Brush Holder

    Who said cleaning supplies couldn’t be cute? Well, this toilet brush is going to add another level to your bathroom’s aesthetic (we know you have one), and not to mention it matches that super cute tissue box! This Ansel toilet brush will give one of your essential bathroom items a glam look, so you can stop hiding it and get down to business.

  7. 7. A Floor Mat

    Floor mats can help set the vibe of a room when people walk in, so make sure you pick the right one. This rainbow floor mat from Ban.do is a unique way to bring some sunshine into your life! Wherever you place it, it’s bound to make you smile when you see it. 

  8. 8. An Adjustable, Multi-Colored Light Bulb

    Spice up your room with a multi-colored light bulb that can change from color to color! The LIFX LED light bulb can connect with an Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant and, with 16 million colors, you can change the mood instantly to whatever you're feeling. 

  9. 9. A Faux Fur Fuzzy Blanket 

    Everyone needs a comfy cozy throw, but college students need something comforting especially. This Amazon steal is so affordable, and it‘ll turn any room into an aesthetically pleasing one. It promises “sumptuous softness and a luxurious layer of cozy warmth.” How can you say no to that?

  10. 10. A Personal Mini Fridge

    Upgrade your dorm’s mini-fridge, or the personal one in your apartment, to this retro-style, truly mini fridge. It can hold drinks, food or even skincare, and some even offer extra amenities like built-in speakers! This affordable Chefman personal fridge from Amazon can both cool and heat. How wild is that?

Whether you're just in the mood for a change, looking to create a certain vibe for your room, or wanting to make your home feel more “homey,” items like these can do the job. Affordable and adorable, they're bound to make you feel better without breaking the bank!

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