Sorry, But if You're Not Quarantining With Your Partner, You Shouldn't See Each Other

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The new coronavirus has officially taken over in the U.S. and states are taking all necessary measures to flatten the curve. But even though state governments are passing orders for us to stay inside and self-isolate for weeks (or even months), that doesn’t mean everyone is taking it seriously. Yes, I'm talking about you (or your friend or roommate) who still goes over to their partner’s place and then goes back home. From all of us who have to go to work, who are still working on the front lines, or who have family or friends that are especially susceptible to this virus, please stay home. 

You might think, whatever, it’s fine because I’m not sick and they’re not sick so we’re not passing it along, but you would be wrong. In fact, you and your partner could be asymptomatic and still transmit the virus. We all chuckle a bit at how in-depth guides to safe sex are, but the bottom line is that the safest sex to practice is with someone you are already living with, not someone outside your home. One viral TikTok story shows that the consequences can be less than ideal:


Even if you don't hook-up, constantly going from one home to the other can spread the virus to any surfaces and areas you both may be touching. This cross-contamination between different spaces is why social distancing and self-isolation are important, because the virus can live for 24-hours on cardboard and even multiple days on plastic and stainless steel. A person could be introduced to the virus and spread it to multiple environments before realizing they ever encountered the disease or show symptoms. Even if you and your partner are both healthy, constantly switching environments increases your odds of contracting the virus. 

These restrictions don’t mean that you can’t interact with your S.O. at all. Virtual dates are still an option, and it’s a great time to bring back handwritten love letters (imagine bringing those out a few years from now). You can even have social distancing dates, as long as there’s no PDA, and y’all stay six feet apart and wash your hands after. 

None of us want to stay in quarantine forever, but states are reporting that self-isolating is working. I know it’s hard to not be able to see your partner, but please, for the sake of the country and the world, keep your distance.