Your #1 Pet Peeve (Based on Your Zodiac Sign)

We all have pet peeves and things that drive us up the wall. Most can agree on certain universal annoyances, like how getting cut off while driving is rage-worthy, but what if I told you some pet peeves could be related to your Zodiac sign? Here is your biggest pet peeve based on your sign:


Aries: Pushovers

As an Aries you are bold and have a take charge kind of attitude. That’s why when you see someone who is a complete pushover it makes you cringe. You want to see everyone take charge of their own lives and not let anyone walk all over them.


Taurus: People Who Don’t Have Their Shit Together

Tauruses are stable and have a clear vision of where they want to end up. When someone doesn’t have drive or set goals for themselves it makes the Taurus run for the hills.

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Gemini: Boring/Monotonous Conversation

Geminis are great communicators and are easily able to navigate their way through any conversation. However, if the conversation becomes too predictable and boring then you won’t be having too many more conversations with a Gemini. You need to keep them interested.


Cancer: Insensitive Remarks

Cancers are extremely sensitive beings and they just want everyone to be happy. So when they see someone get insulted they feel for that person and it can really hurt their feeling watching someone being mistreated.


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Leo: Being Ignored

Leo loves attention even if they don’t always want to admit it. If you ignore them, they will be more than peeved with you.


Virgo: People That Walk Slow

Virgo always has a million things going on at once and they need to get to where they are going as fast and efficiently as possible. That is why if you walk slow in front of them there will be a slow rage building behind you, especially if you make them late.


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Libra: People That Start Fights for No Reason

Libra hates conflict and wants there to always be peace and harmony. That is why they will avoid you like the plague if you enjoy creating conflict and starting fights.


Scorpio: Fake People

Scorpios can read everyone like a book. They know if you’ve got a hidden agenda before you know you have one. That is why there is no use in lying or being fake in front of a Scorpio because they will know and most likely call you out on it.


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Sagittarius: Needy People

Sagittarians love adventure and being free. That’s why if you show them your clingy side you may never see them again. They’re scared of being held back by someone and they don’t want you to depend on them too much.


Capricorn: Unmotivated People

Capricorns are the workers of the Zodiac. They love to create goals and achieve them, so if they see that you are not motivated to do anything they will cut you out of their life so quickly.


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Aquarius: People that Follow the Status Quo

Aquarians pride themselves on being unique and completely authentic. So if they see that you are just following societal norms they will think that you are unoriginal and they will stay away.


Pisces: People who Take Them for Granted

Pisces love to make people happy and they are always willing to lend a helping hand. If they find out that you are using them in any way, they will be crushed. Do not hurt these sensitive caring souls or you will not see them again.


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Did the pet peeve listed for you make your skin crawl? Or maybe you connected with more than one of these on the list? Click here to check out your birth chart to figure out more about yourself.