Why Social Media Should Not Influence How You View Your Life

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in the article are the author’s own. 


Social media has become a big part of our lives. No matter what we do, we’ve come to rely on the Internet to fill our needs. Whether it’s online shopping, school work or talking to loved ones, social media has become our basic necessity. There are times in my life where I wish things were different. As a student, we all can’t wait for when we finally graduate university with our degree and get a good job. I tend to scroll through Instagram and look at all the people who have a good income and who are traveling all over the world at such a young age. Sometimes, I feel sad and think that maybe I’ve chosen the wrong path in life. But since the beginning of the summer, I’ve come to learn a few things that make each of us different when it comes to growing.


One of the things that I’ve come to realize is how our timing and paths differ from one another. It’s not always easy to remember this but it’s true. We all have different futures. You may know someone that you went to high school with who became a famous YouTuber, or someone traveling across the country taking beautiful pictures. It’s the path that they’ve chosen that makes them happy. Sometimes, I wish I’d chosen a different career path, like becoming a certified makeup artist. However, would I be as happy as the other makeup artists I see on Instagram? We all have heard that our time will come. It may feel like it’s taking forever but I promise you that it will come.


Photo via Pexels  


Never rush into things or rush the process of something important. Whether it’s relationships, school, mental health or the future, it’s never a good idea to rush. I had a habit of rushing relationships that were never good for me and I paid the price. I looked on social media and was envious of all the love. Since I kept seeing engagements and anniversaries, I wanted to experience that and the finer things in life. I personally believe that God has someone for me. If you long for a significant other, there is someone out there for you. Social media can tell you that a certain type of romantic love is something that you definitely need. This is not true. I’ve learned that couples I looked up to on social media have their own struggles. Although unfortunate, some have even ended their relationships. Good things don’t always last. It’s important to focus on your own happiness first before you let the Internet tell you otherwise.    


Photo by Juan Mendez 


I keep reminding myself that I’m on the right path no matter how bad I wish I had a good paying job like the people I follow on Instagram. If I wasn’t doing the right things, the universe would have pushed me somewhere different. Right now, I’m still in university, working hard to graduate. That feeling when I walk across the stage and receive my diploma is going to be amazing. I’ll probably ask myself why I ever felt negative about where I was in life. Whatever goal you’re trying to reach, you will get there. When you reach it, I promise you that the wait will be worth it. 


I guess what I am trying to say is that social media has been such a big influence on our lives that it can make us lose touch with reality. No matter what you may think, your time will come. The right person will come, you’ll get hired for the right job, you’ll get your dream house; everything will fall into place. The most important thing is to learn how to be patient. It’s such an important quality to be patient when it comes to our lives because if we’re not, we’ll learn the hard way. So no matter what, always remember that the right time will come! 


Photo by Elijah O’Donnell