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“Know your worth.”

We’ve heard that saying before. It’s easier said than done when we may have terrible experiences with relationships. Personally, this past decade has taught me a lot about what kind of people I need to surround myself with and what type of person I would want a relationship with. My experience has taught me a lot about how I need to focus on myself. This decade has also made me aware of how important it is not to settle for less. 

2020 is the start of a new decade. Self-reflecting on the past 10 years, from all the accomplishments and mistakes, we know how to prepare ourselves going into the new year. As we get older, we meet different people and we allow them to enter our lives. Allowing people to come into our lives is a privilege. Not many people have the chance to know who we truly are.

Photo by Elle Hughes

As we grow older, we see from all our friendships that we created over the years can grow apart. What is a more important lesson that we learn is that our real friends will always stay in our lives no matter what. In 2020, we should never settle for those “friends” that really aren’t our friends. The real ones will be there for us when we’re at our lowest point, will give us the advice we may not want to hear, and will love us for who we truly are. Being around people who don’t bring out our best is exactly what we shouldn’t do.

Photo by Vera Arsic

Relationships are always hard. In the past 10 years, many of us started relationships that ended with disappointments. Going into 2020, we should remember the lessons that we have learned and not settle in a relationship that we know is not good for us. We should go into 2020 knowing that we deserve the best of the best. No matter how long the wait, as soon as we find our person we’ll know that it was well worth it. 

Photo by Jonathan Petersson

That being said, 2020 should be the year that we start our new beginnings. If it means letting go of past relationships and creating new ones, so be it. In the next 10 years, we should promise ourselves that we will create the best memories with those who truly matter to us. We should know what we deserve and not settle for less.

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