Why The Backstreet Boys Are Better Than NSYNC

The Backstreet Boys are the ultimate boy band. If you disagree with me then keep reading because I am about to prove you wrong. With the new release of the Youtube documentary, The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story, it has brought back memories of the many debates I used to have with my friends about whether NSYNC is better than The Backstreet Boys.  To this day,no one has been able to come up with any solid reasons as to why NSYNC is better.

Here are five reasons why The Backstreet Boys are better than NSYNC:


  1. 1. The Backstreet Boys Came First

    The Backstreet Boys came out in 1993 and NSYNC in 1995, this gave NSYNC time to observe The Backstreet Boys and have the way paved for them already. NSYNCis a copycat version of The Backstreet Boys, the only difference is that NSYNC dances in their music videos/shows.

  2. 2. Longevity

    NSYNC’s time together was cut short due to the sudden departure of their debatable lead singer, Justin Timberlake, and by 2002 they were no longer together. This makes NSYNC’s time together a total of seven years. However, The Backstreet Boys have been together for over 20 years. Their creativity never dwindled regardless of who left the band or not. They were still able to create amazing songs and keep giving their fans what they want.

  3. 3. Vocal Ability

    Everyone knows that The Backstreet Boys can harmonize like it’s no one's business. The Backstreet Boys have amazing vocal range together and individually. There is not one Backstreet Boy that is vocally better than the others, they can all carry their own weight in a song. Yes, NSYNC can carry a tune, but they do not harmonize as well and there were clear standouts as to who was more talented.

  4. 4. The Lyrics are Better

    NSYNC has some of the cheesiest lyrics in boy band history.


    Exhibit A:

    “Your love is like a river, peaceful and deep / Your soul is like a secret, that I could never keep.” - “(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You”


    Exhibit B:


    “If you wanna fly, come and take a ride/Take a space ride with the cowboy, baby/ Yi-yi-yi-yippie-yi-yay-yippie-yi-yo-yippie-yi-o!” - “Space Cowboy”


    The Backstreet Boys, on the other hand, has some of the most romantic lyrics of all time and that is why they should be played at every wedding.


  5. 5. Relying on One Member

    One of the main reasons The Backstreet Boys is better than NSYNC is because it never relied on one member. Most of NSYNC’s songs were centred around Justin Timberlake. This was a big problem for the boy band because when Justin left the band they were not able to move forward without him, thus resulting in their split.


    However, when Kevin Richardson left The Backstreet Boys the band was still able to stick together and produce more hits.


All I have to say to NSYNC is: Bye Bye Bye!




I know it seems like I’m hating on NSYNC (which I kind of am), but I have to say that I do love NSYNC and still listen to their songs as well, but one is clearly better and the world needs to know. Who is your favourite, NSYNC or The Backstreet Boys?