What Your Favourite Dystopian Movie Says About You

We are one of the many generations lucky enough to experience the heart thrumming thrill of going to the movies to see some of the biggest and most highly anticipated movies. Uniquely, our generation has been fixated on the dystopian genre, we’ve all had our fair share of this genre. Whether you have read the books or seen the movies. Here is what your favourite dystopian movie says about you.
  1. 1. Twilight

    I think fans of this movie collectively ignored the fact that Bella was 17, dating Edward for six months tops when she was ready to become immortal and leave behind her family forever.  Despite all this, Twilight has become a comfort movie for so many. Fans of Twilight probably wanted to be a vampire or werewolf for the longest time, and adopted the, ‘I’m not like other girls’ persona for a little while. Either you were obsessed with Twilight from the beginning or not at all - there is no in between. You’re probably introverted and a bookworm, or super outgoing and enjoy watching the movie to laugh at the unnecessarily intense staring competitions. Additionally, you’re most likely the oldest sibling or grew up rather independent and so the idea of someone wanting to take care of you subconsciously became desired. Team Jacob fans are rational thinkers that prefer the “friends to lovers” concept, are more extroverted, temperamental, adventurous and athletic. Team Edward fans are hopeless romantics that believe in soulmates. You are likely to be creative, curious personalities, trustworthy, enjoy debating and are charismatic which draws people to you naturally.

  2. 2. The Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games was one of the more action-packed films to incorporate a love triangle that Twilight fans felt as though was a concept eerily similar to their own. Most likely you saw this one with your friends and have a headstrong, motivated, and blunt personality that can be misinterpreted as rude. You probably wish you could do the signature Hunger Games whistle, and if you already can then I can guarantee you are the life of the party. You realized you were an adult when you understood that Katniss actually did not have romantic feelings for either Gale or Peeta. Furthermore, you most likely envisioned the skill you would showcase in front of the gamemakers. Lastly, Finnick Odair deserved much better and if you had a crush on him, you have a soft spot for the flirtatious bad boy with a deep past, plus THAT SMILE.

  3. 3. Divergent

    Divergent was released and almost immediately held the appreciation of almost all fans worldwide. If you appreciate more romance in dystopian movies then you definitely enjoyed Divergent more than The Hunger Games. Additionally, you probably liked the intense build-up of Four and Tris’ dynamic. If your favourite character was Tobias, you’re the type to like the ‘bad boy with a soft side’ trope and a sucker for a dark past, a recurrent theme in a lot of dystopian movies and novels. If your favorite character was Tris then you probably wanted to be different- a real-life divergent if you will, refusing to be restricted to a faction and have a very strong sense of individuality.

  4. 4. Harry Potter

    I can’t name one person that isn't a fan of this series that we all grew up watching and hasn't taken the Hogwarts House Quiz (Team Hufflepuff!!). Most likely if you read the books you’re mad at how badly Ron was portrayed in the movies as a clumsy, useless side character. You can predict the lines word for word when you’re watching the movie. Most likely you are headstrong and have a Type A opinionated personality. You’re definitely a bookworm and not an avid fan of books or movies centered only around romance. Furthermore, you’re likely to be stubborn and will not hesitate to point out the mistakes in a movie and you also just really want to be a Gryffindor. 

    If you only saw the movies (I’m guilty of this one too), you most likely have a passive and calm disposition.  You probably felt a little lost at some point in the series and your favorite character was most definitely not Harry (is anyone’s favourite character ever the main one?). Additionally, you probably wanted Hermione and Draco to be endgame and did not feel fulfilled by Ginny and Harry’s relationship. Got to keep in mind though, that unlike the other dystopian movies mentioned, Harry Potter is focused more so on friendships and platonic connections built.

    Hogwarts symbol on paper
  5. 5. Percy Jackson

    Firstly, I think we need to petition for more Greek mythology-based movies. The Percy Jackson series probably made you obsessed with Greek mythology and to be honest, which Greek god did you consider were your parents?

    You're likely very generous, free-spirited, adventurous, seek out opportunities to set yourself apart from the rest and deeply value your friendships. Additionally, you’re likely to be amazing at math and reasoning or incredible at eloquently presenting your thoughts and writing.

    Supreme Court Building
Whether you read the books or watched the movies, it is an undeniable fact that they have many memories encapsulated within the experience of watching them. Regardless of the fact that you saw the movies with friends, family or just at home on Netflix, they have become an integral part of our youth and have taught us so many things about ourselves. And there are always valuable lessons to be learned from these stories whether that's friendship, morality, being unapologetically ourselves, or simply how to let loose and have a good laugh.