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What the one Lord of the Rings character to rule your heart, says about you

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One Ring to rule them all, but one character we keep close to home. We typically find characters similar to ourselves, or who we aspire to be in our favorites. The more you dive into your favorite characters, the more similarities pop up in both of you to each other. This is why the article will talk more about the similarities you can find between you and your favorite.

There are much more complex feelings behind the pretty face everyone sees for the fantastic face of Legolas, but what feels like Legolas’ people are very full of pride but they don’t realize that it’s a good thing because they have pride in things that deserve pride, like their friends, family, and colleagues. They also get frustrated when things don’t go their way, but also don’t show it and usually keep it to themselves because you can’t see their emotions past the face they present themselves as. Legolas has been through hell and back, and he needs a song that’s as angst-filled as his face can get when he’s using his bow and arrows. Les Friction’s “Torture” will hit the notes all in the perfect places.

You and Sam? Yes, if your favorite character is Sam, it says you’re down to earth, kind of stressed out, at peace with who you are and your journey to where you are now. You’re a loyal friend, with a strong work ethic. You probably know how to make great dishes with potatoes and carry an abundance of emergency supplies on your person. There’s something about who you are, the screaming grandma’s homemade apple pie in your cottagecore life. You’re soft, kind, and such a lovely person all around to be fair, everyone should get to know you first, making judgments because you’re worth every bit to be their best friend. Try listening to “Over the Garden Wall” by The Blasting Company for some Sam vibes.

If your favorite is Frodo, someone or something has turned you from hero to anti-hero, it could be something simple that’s done this. But you’ve got a bit of a clueless personality, but you need to learn to express your needs. It can be hard when everyone in your life expects you to save their world. One ring to rule them all, but the pressure is cracking through your facade of what you put up front towards people. Take off your mask, and take a breath, breathe fresh air. You’e held up your mask for far too long. Be vulnerable for once, and trust the people around you to let them know you’re scared of the future too. It’s going to be okay.  Frodo’s song is one that hits you hard and it feels too bright, in a sad and deep way. Try Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” to hit you in a way only you can feel.

If your favorite is a crusty little ole’ Smeagol, it says that you’re more of a social hermit, but it doesn’t mean you don’t find joy in life! As thehe Sméagol, you’d use the ring to disappear from some social events, but since you can’t, you use escapism into your books, not that it’s a bad thing. It helps you to problem-solve a lot better! You’ve used all the tools you’ve learned from books as excellent problem solving skills. You’re a lot smarter than people give you credit for, and very imaginative. Try “Self Esteem” by AJJ as a Smeagol-esk song.

If Aragon is your favorite, you’re always had a headstrong personality. People adore you, but not just for your looks. People look up to you for your flexibility, the fact that you know exactly when it’s best to take charge. But you don’t forget the hobbits, I mean the little people. He’s such an interesting yet underrated choice, what he went through, what he did for love. Everything screams out that you’re an amazing person and friend. You can be stubborn, that’s for sure. Sometimes you’ll even die on a hill even if you’re wrong. But it’s also one of your amazing qualities. For a song that would suit him, try The Oh Hellos’ “Soldier, Poet, King”.

If Bilbo Baggins is your favorite, it says it all. You love fun, you love to poke fun, you have a bright personality, but you work much too hard for your own good. It’s not your fault, you’re usually the subject to be “voluntold” to do things, and a simple no is never enough for people who need your help. So, you give it a shot, and that shot is worth all of what they wanted and more. You’re strong, resilient, quick, and not to mention pretty cunning. You’re an excellent thief, whether it’s stealing people’s hearts or stealing from a giant dragon named Smaug. If you want to go for a song that suits him to a tee, “That Green Gentleman” by Panic! At The Disco, hit pretty well for your mellowed-out personality with that jokester twist you have going on for you.

Lastly, if your favorite is the dwarf named Gilmi there’s a lot more to you than people give you credit for. You’re headstrong, smart, and a sturdy friend. You’re worth the time getting to know you because every little bit of you is complex. There have been things that have hurt you, but you didn’t let it stop you from doing what you do best; being dependable, quick thinking, and strong. Puff out your chest, as you breathe out because you take what you need and work with it. It’s amazing how dazzlingly stupendous of a person you are, take that battle axe and chop down all your problems! You’re one tough dwarf cookie. Try listening to “Cherry Red” by Waterparks, it’s a short song like Gimli’s stature. It gives off the “I would protect you at any cost” vibes.

With all of this said, hopefully you learned a little about yourself in this article. Have fun with it and have fun with who you are as well. Remember you’re a wonderful person, nonetheless. With all of this said, hopefully you learned a little bit more about yourself all of this said, hopefully you learned a little about yourself in this article. Have fun with it and have fun with who you are as well. Remember you’re a wonderful person, nonetheless.

A 28 year old, who is psychology turned photography major. started off in Guatemala, lived there for a couple of years until I received citizenship in Canada. After that, I went to school for 12 years, under the Canadian school system. I had a couple of traumatic events after I had graduated from high school damaging my memory. So I currently have a surprised memory. But with all those traumatic events, I was finally able to get treatment I was denied originally. I spent about a month originally, and have been in and out of their system as an in-patient. I got proper treatment. Now, outside of school I spend a lot of time in treatment centres of CAMH. I’ve spent a couple of years off due to mental health, only to have a deeper understanding for treatments, people, and the ways but could help them enjoy their lives more. It’s always such a good feeling to see people blossom into who they deserve to be. I’m still learning how to be okay, and being who I should be.