A Travel Guide to Montreal

The holiday season is fast approaching and while some prefer to cozy up in front of their screens with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, others are looking for places to go. For those of us who live in Toronto, our best bet (aside from Niagara Falls) is making the long — but enjoyable — road trip to either Montreal or Ottawa with some friends or family. If you’re someone who’s been to Montreal multiple times, it’s understandable that the Old Port of Montreal is not something you want to see every single day of your vacation, so I’m providing a list of some of my favorite and most interesting places to visit in Montreal.

  1. 1. Notre Dame Basilica

    The Notre Dame Basilica is a regal and enchanting building from the outside, and a colorful, peaceful and culturally rich historical monument on the inside. With guided and unguided tours, tourists are welcome to visit the Basilica and discover all that there is to discover about the church’s history and the history of Montreal, as well as take in the magnificent sculptures and beautiful interior designing. If you’re someone who is often taken away by beautiful architecture, this should certainly be at the top of your list of sights to see!

  2. 2. Old Montreal

    Located just beside the Old Port, Old Montreal transports you to a kind of mini European town. With Rue St. Paul, a beautiful cobblestone street, and many narrow, yet lively roads, Old Montreal carries you away into a wonderland. All along your walk through older parts of the city, there are a plethora of beautiful antique looking shops, many restaurants with food from all over the world, museums and more tours available for those looking for adventure.

  3. 3. Square Saint-Louis and Rue Denis

    As someone who is obsessed with older architecture, I would jump at the chance to visit as many historical sights as possible. If Old Montreal just wasn’t enough for you, Square Saint-Louis and Rue Denis will take your breath away. This beautiful historical site offers more restaurants, some of which are housed in the very Victorian houses that make up the square. The colorful houses and buildings provide a cozy feeling if you visit in the heart of winter.

  4. 4. Place des Art

    This is a destination for art lovers and connoisseurs. Here you will find visual art including paintings, sculptures and much more, as well as ballets, the opera and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. For a night filled with art and moving performances, this is the place for you.

  5. 5. Eco-Odyssee

    This was probably one of the best experiences I have had with my family during a trip to Ottawa and Montreal. Although it is a significant drive from Montreal (approximately two-and-a-half hours), it makes for the perfect day trip for you and your family or friends. Eco-Odyssee, located near Gatineau, Quebec, offers an incredible water maze shaped like an eagle. Visitors get through the maze on paddle boats with a scavenger hunt to complete. Going through the maze, you are exposed to gorgeous landscapes, and might even get the chance to see some beautiful animals. One thing to note however, is that this outing is more suited for spring and summer months.

Of course there are countless other places to visit in Montreal, however, these are the five that particularly stood out to me. Visiting Montreal gives tourists the chance to take in cultural history and to appreciate older architecture. Every time I go, I feel like I’m in Europe. I hope you all enjoy each one of these places if you choose to go!