Top 5 Spice Girls Songs

The first CD I ever bought was a Spice Girls album; so my inner five year old is extremely sad that the Spice Girls are not going on tour. However, the Spice Girls are thinking about starting their own record label so they can support up and coming artists. They are especially looking forward to working with other girl bands because we all know The Spice Girls are all about GIRL POWER!

So, to get over the fact that the Spice Girls may never go on tour, go and watch Spice World and also listen to their five most iconic songs:

"Too Much"

This song is amazing and it is featured in their movie Spice World. I always wanted to be as glamorous as Ginger Spice in this video!

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"Spice Up Your Life"

This song is still so fun to listen to. It gets everyone pumped up for a girls night out. Check out the video here.

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"Viva Forever"

This is one of their most beautiful songs. It’s about everlasting love, so get your tissues out!

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Such a classic, and don’t tell me I was the only one who knew all the dance moves. Watch it here!

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Definitely their most recognizable song. This song screams girl power and I am all for it. Zigazig-ha

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Don’t forget about their other amazing songs and cross your fingers that Posh Spice changes her mind about going on tour!  

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