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The Top 5 Online School Supplies You May Not Have Considered

With only one day left before school starts, many students are left scrambling to complete (or even start!) their yearly shop. Due to COVID-19, in-store shopping is difficult or for some, downright impossible. Luckily, online shopping provides a much safer environment. Besides, who doesn’t love getting to stay in bed? Read on to find out my picks for a new school year.

Please note all prices are accurate as of September 7, 2020 and are in CAD.

Stress Balls

Maybe a stress ball isn’t considered a necessity, but it should be. As many classes are held by Zoom or similar softwares, it’s reasonable to expect technology-induced frustration. Squeeze a foam ball; don’t grit your teeth! When classes resume in-person, stress balls are the perfect companion for written tests and exams (ensure it’s okay with your professor first though). By squeezing the ball, you’ll relieve some strain on your hand and work through cramps. If you’re handy, you can make them following this recipe.

Scholarly suggestion:

KELYDI Exercise Hand Squeeze Stress Balls. Four pieces for $15.99

Lap Desk

Let’s be real. I’m going to be taking my online classes while in bed, and you might be, too. For this, I’ll be using a lap desk. My preferred style rests directly on my lap so I don’t have to worry about a desk table toppling. These desks are perfect for ensuring your laptop doesn’t overheat, and some even have cup holders. 

Scholarly suggestions:

LapGear Sidekick Lap Desk. $19.99


Yes, we are almost through with 2020, but if you don’t have a calendar, this is the second best time to get one! The Cabbrix 2020 Year Monthly Wall Calendar hangs beside my desktop, making it easy to look up and quickly check out what’s coming up. There’s enough space on each day square to write (and read!) anything you need to know. No more panicking over forgotten assignments!

Scholarly suggestion:

Cabbrix 2020 Year Monthly Wall Calendar. $21.99

Water Bottle

A water bottle has two advantages in a home setting: generally bigger than a cup (don’t have to walk to the kitchen as much), can be carelessly tossed onto a bed and can have additional features such as fruit infusers. Hydration is crucial for school: it even increases concentration! Consider investing in a higher quality water bottle (such as the Hydro Flask!) for better insulation.

Scholarly suggestion:

Hydro Flask Water Bottle. $69.21, currently on sale for $63.69

Essential Oils and Diffuser

It’s a stressful time already and for many, school will just add to that stress. Oils like lavender are calming and relaxing, while citrus oils are great for energizing. Diffusers help spread the scent around the room, and often serve as a beautiful decoration as well. If you have pets, don’t forget to research which oils are toxic to them.

Scholarly suggestion: 

Anjou Aromatherapy Diffuser with Essential Oil Gift Set. $46.99

Just because you think you’re ready for school doesn’t mean you actually are. After all, just because school is sometimes stressful, shopping doesn’t have to be. Best of luck in the 2020/2021 school year, Lions!

Kaitlin is a bilingual (French and English) writer originating from friendly Thunder Bay. They are in their seventh year at York University, where they study professional writing with an emphasis on journalism. They live with their partner of nine years and their cat, Tessa. They started writing with a passion and a poem that eventually won third in a contest 12 years ago, and started editing not too long after. When not at the keyboard, Kaitlin can be found reading, cooking, playing video games, or holding Tessa. Their favorite movies are scary and their favorite television genre is reality. Kaitlin's passions include copyediting, anything scary or spooky and adding to her collection of dolls, magnets and cups. Their favorite part of writing/editing is giving others a chance to share their story or achieve their dreams and offering insight on "the little things." Some of Kaitlin's favorite topics reflect on their personal life, including health/disabilities, fringe topics and social issues.
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