Some of The Funniest New Year's Resolutions We Can Relate To

New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep up with. Some of us make the same list every year determined to follow it. But for a lot of us, it can get very hard to go through with it. We tend to create fantasies of what the new year would bring: more gym time, meet your future hubby, spend less; many resolutions we can all relate to.

But alas, I found tons of hilarious tweets online made by people who have the same struggles we do.  

Working out or barely making it to the gym?

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You know it's January when the gym is packed full of New Year's resolution makers. Everyone always wants to get that beach bod started….every year!


Sometimes You Just Forget

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Five months later and you still ahven't started your #newyearsresolution but, they say it’s good to be prepared.


Worst Texter of the Year

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I think we all need to add this to our New Year's resolution lists.


Never Give Up

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Every year should be your year!


But this should be everyone's #1 goal

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Focus on yourself... surrounded by your favourite chocolate treats of course cause who can say no to chocolate!


We’re almost halfway through January and we may or may not have even started our resolutions yet. Remember that there is plenty of time to achieve your goals this year no matter how many times you’ve tried. This year is all about new beginnings, new friendships, new relationships and much more. We all can achieve the goals we want. Have a great new year!