As Seen on TV products that actually work

When I was little, I’d carefully watch infomercials, dazzled by how well the products worked. In my mind, no one could exaggerate that much. We just happened to live in a world where so many simple problems could be solved in three installments of $19.99. Eventually, after begging so many times, my mother broke the news to me.

“Don’t believe everything you see on TV.”

To say I was crushed was an understatement. Everything I knew from my many hours of patiently watching was warped. 

However, I’ve noticed that not every As Seen on TV product is subpar. Some items excel at their task, and have sneakily made their way into homes, including mine! Here are the top As Seen on TV products that actually work.

  1. 1. Snuggie

    Snuggies are, simply put, thin fleece blankets with sleeves. The idea is that you can wrap up and still use your hands. And while they look absolutely hilarious, they work! The fleece looks very thin, but is still thick enough to warm people. The sleeves sometimes get in the way, but generally works well. I take my Santa-themed Snuggie on planes when I visit family, simply because it gets so chilly. I get a lot of stares, but it works great.

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  2. 2. Cami Secret

    Ten years ago, if someone told me that I’d be defending the Cami Secret, I wouldn’t have believed them. But wearing camisoles underneath clothing is uncomfortable! They bunch up, then get hot and sweaty. There have been endless occasions where my camisole lines can be seen underneath my outfit, and I look miserable in photos. For this reason, the Cami Secret is great for those looking to cover up a bit without compromising their look or comfort.

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  3. 3. Oxiclean

    A true As Seen on TV classic, I still remember the energetic commercials with Billy Mays. This was the very first product I saw people using and claiming it worked, and for good reason! Endless grass stains and juice spills were lifted by this nearly magical cleaning product. I recently bought some more, and found that this was just as good as I remembered!


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  4. 4. Magic Bullet

    Magic Bullets were popular for several years, and I haven’t seen one in years. I’m not too sure why, because they worked exceptionally well. When I was in school, my mother used hers every day to make breakfast for my brother and I. While nostalgia may interfere, a 4.5 star overall rating on Amazon seems to back me up.

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  5. 5. Moon Sand

    Moon Sand, otherwise known as kinetic sand, is making a comeback as ASMR continues to trend. Advertised as a clean way to play with sand indoors, moon sand is popular with children and adults alike. While it may be a bit more difficult to clean than expected, it’s well worth it. Perhaps the best part about moon sand is that it’s quite simple to replicate at home.

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When I first heard,

“Don’t believe everything you see on TV,” I thought it was an absolute, and that nothing from the TV could be trusted. Luckily, these five products convinced me otherwise. They first began as seen on TV, but now they can be seen in everyday homes.