Scarfing Down Some Autumn Fashion

With sweater weather rolling in, it’s starting to get colder and the temperature is dropping. We may all be thinking to ourselves “what can help me stay warm?” This is where the great fashion tool of scarves come in. Scarves keep your neck from turning into a weak sick noodle, and some even help keep your core warm. While these aspects are important to consider, the most significant question is, which scarf is right for you? To answer this question we have to know all the options out there.

  1. 1. The Big Blanket

    Let’s start off with the biggest one: the blanket scarf. The name says it all, a giant blanket to cover you, but in a fashionable way. The most popular ones are from Aritzia, but you can find similar patterns at Urban Behaviour or even Winners. If it’s big and covers your top half, it’s a blanket scarf. Blanket scarves tend to be a good choice for people who get colder more quickly. They’re good for keeping warm because they cover your core. If worn like a cape, it’s essentially a jacket, but much lighter to carry — less hot and heavy. When using this type of scarf, you won’t have to worry about sweating too much. With the core warming up, it’s safe to say, if you get cold easily, it is the perfect scarf for you.

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  2. 2. The Warm Wool Scarf

    You need to stop the chills? Wool scarves are pleasantly thick and warm. They can be smaller than a blanket scarf or just the same size. The smaller ones do not cover as much on your body, but they tend to keep your shoulders, neck and frontal core warm. Wool scarves do tend to be pricier due to the material and labor. If you have an allergy, or do not have the budget for wool scarf, that’s totally okay. There’s the cheaper and allergy resistant material: acrylic. They’re not as warm but still get the job done.

  3. 3. The Nifty Knitted Infinity

    The second biggest and third warmest are knitted infinity scarves. Infinity scarves have a wide range of thickness. This style of scarves directly target your chest and neck, which is a pleasant thing, especially if you’re in a location with air conditioning which can lead to dry coughs. It keeps you away from getting that giant cough everyone wants to avoid. Infinity scarves are much more comfortable if they are the knitted, chunky sweater kind. They can be a bit heavier depending on the material that’s used, but this can be a good thing given the fluctuating temperatures we seem to get in the autumn and winter seasons.

  4. 4. The Perky Pashmina & Rectangular Men’s

    Now, if you have a resilient chest and neck, we should start to look into the lighter scarves, like pashmina and men’s rectangle scarves. The only big differences between the pashmina and the men’s scarves tend to be that pashminas are typically made of thinner material, making them softer and lighter. Men’s rectangle scarves are usually a thicker material such as flannel, thus being a little warmer and rougher. Another thing, the colors are a huge difference between the two; the men’s is usually more muted and consists of darker colors whereas pashminas come in wild and beautiful colors with intricate patterns that can add a pop to any plain outfit.

  5. 5. The Jonas Brothers (or Triangle) Scarf

    Next up for a lighter scarf, is the triangle scarf. Now, do not get it confused with the typical bandana, which I promise we will talk about soon. Triangle scarves, despite their name, are not usually triangle to begin with. Most of the time they’re squares, folded in half with fringes at the end. You know, the type the Jonas Brothers wore in 2008. Unlike all the scarves we’ve talked about so far, these tend to not cover your chest as much. They are designed more for your neck and shoulders. So, if you are prone to chills, or sore throats, this scarf would be two big thumbs up for you. Just make sure you have a chest that’ll chase your chills away, or at the very least a nice sweater to cover up a bit, and it would be the perfect accessory that provides warmth.

  6. 6. The Banging Bandana

    The least warm, and honestly designed more for fashion than anything else, are bandanas and silky scarves. They are much smaller and thinner than the rest, and mostly target the throat area. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing this more for fashion, or any of these scarves for that matter. It can also be used as a small precaution to avoid a wet cough. Depending on your style and what you’ve paired it with, it will always accommodate your fashion needs. If the bandana or silk scarf is big enough, it can always double at a summer piece, and use it as a shirt. Remember, not everyone needs a thick scarf to survive autumn, and that is okay.

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All in all, these aren’t the only scarves out there, but only the most popular. Hopefully this guide has helped you pick out a type of scarf with enough protection for you and your style. We hope it has given you more insight on what works best for you, your needs, and your wants. Honorable mentions are the faux fur collars, which are not quite scarves, but are still cute for a fashionista look. Stay warm, and stay safe.

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Photo via Aritzia