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Profile: Nabilah Bhuiyan

Nabilah, one of our newest writers at Her Campus York U, answers a few questions about her interests, her writing, and her lovely time in Singapore. Read on to get to know her more!


Name: Nabilah Tabassum Bhuiyan

Age: 21

Major: Human resource management


To start us off, why don’t you give us three interesting facts about you?

I recently came back from an exchange study abroad program from Singapore! I went through York International and I had one of the best experiences of a lifetime there. I love to dance and sing as a hobby. Not a lot of people know about that actually. And I was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and I moved here when I was 12.


Tell us a little bit about your time in Singapore. How was it and what’s the one thing you miss most from your time there?

I talk about Singapore so much that my friends here hate me for it. The one thing I miss the most definitely has to be the party scene there. Every Wednesday was ladies’ night, so that means free entry and free drinks for ladies! Basically my friends and I would bar/club hop every week and enjoy those free drinks. It was bliss while it lasted.



It sounds like you had an amazing time! Is that somewhere you see yourself living in in the future? If not, where would you like to move to if you could live anywhere?

I would say Singapore since I’ve been there and experienced living there myself. It’s just a very neat and small country; every corner of it is beautiful. It’s also probably one of the safest countries in the world as well, where you could walk around anywhere at 3 a.m. and wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. However, I would love to visit more countries (like France and Denmark) and maybe want to live there as well.



Well, going back home to Toronto for a bit. What’s your favorite place to go to in the city?

My favorite place would be downtown or Queen Street West in Toronto. It’s always so lively there and I realized how much of a city girl I am after traveling for a bit. I love the high rise buildings, graffiti, and small cute shops or cafes.


That sounds great! Tell us a little bit about your friends.

I have friends from different places and they all fall into various categories, so it’s difficult to describe all of them together. However, I love all of them. They’re so funny and supportive of me. One thing in common that they all share is how they roast me 24/7. I don’t know if it’s just my personality or something, but I’m always getting bullied by them. I roast them back too so it’s all good! They also have to handle my crazy self so that’s a skill they all possess too.


It seems like you all have a lot of fun together. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

The best gift from my friends would be either Sephora products that I always wanted or a Pandora ring. Also, the money I get from my parents for my birthday is very much appreciated (lol).


Yes, free money is always welcome. Now, time for a few random questions. If you were to get stuck in an elevator with anyone (dead or alive) for an hour, who would it be and why?

If I were to be stuck in the elevator with someone, it might as well be Channing Tatum or something, so we can do some dance moves from Step Up while we wait. He’s a handsome man plus he has the moves, what else can go wrong?


A lot of people do love Channing Tatum. What’s a movie or show that you think everyone should watch?

For movies, The Hunger Games will always be my favorite but I also love The Heat; it’s hilarious. As for TV shows, you have to watch Gossip Girl for your inner dramatic self. Stranger Things, Riverdale, Orange Is the New Black, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are also some of my favourites.


Definitely checking some of those out. In terms of music, give us a rundown of who’s on your daily playlist.

Kendrick Lamar, Imagine Dragons, Miguel, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Tove Lo, Honey C, Ciara, Kehlani, and I listen to a lot of Spanish/reggae music too.



I see a lot of talented artists on that list. Speaking of talent, what’s a skill or talent you wish to have?

I want to learn how to code! It is quite different from the things I would (usually) try or learn but that’s why I’m so interested to see if I’m able to do it. Apparently, it’s a useful skill to have, so I’m curious to find out.


Yes, especially now where we live in such a “digital age”. In your opinion, what is the best and the worst thing about social media?

The best thing would be being able to share the things you like and are passionate about with others in such a convenient way, and keeping in touch with your friends and family. The worst thing for me is how much time it can waste for me when I literally have no time to waste. Sometimes, it gets you down because this random person is showing off something and you’re just like, “Why don’t I have it?” even though you wouldn’t have cared the least about it in real life.


A very interesting and insightful answer. Do you have any pets? If not, would you like to?

No, I’ve been wanting to adopt a cat for the longest time but my mom doesn’t approve. She says either the cat stays in the house or she does. Yes, it’s tough.


Awww! Well, hopefully you’ll get to have one in the future! How would you describe your fashion style?

I love experimenting with trendy pieces and choose new colors every season to add to my collection. However, if I were to choose my dominant style, it would be somewhere from chic to street style depending on my mood. I like pieces of clothing that always have that little classy aspect to it, no matter if it’s a clubbing outfit, casual, dinner outfit, etc. I also love street style or hip-hop inspired outfits like certain print crop tops, crop sweaters with high waisted pants, with hats or beanies. You will probably see me wearing these on a regular day in fall.



Super on trend! What made you start writing?

I started writing in a journal when I was 10 years old. I just loved writing about the things that were happening to me and my friends. I also liked reading books a lot, so I wanted to write short stories or poems. I gained inspiration from reading books and from my English classes in high school.


Finally, what are you most excited about in joining Her Campus at York U and what can we look forward to in your writing?

I am very excited to join Her Campus at York U as a writer! I see many bright and like-minded individuals sharing exciting stories through their articles and I’m glad to be a part of such a dynamic team. You can expect to find authentic stories and tips that worked for me regarding fashion, dating, traveling and lifestyle! I will be also catering to different topics as well and step out to write things that I usually won’t write about, so I am thrilled to be on this journey!



We at Her Campus York U are just as thrilled to see what Nabilah will bring to the team. Stay tuned to read her upcoming articles.


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