Our Best 2019/2020 Articles to Re-Read During Quarantine

This year we have had some amazing articles, along with a great team of writers that gave us an abundance of unique content. It’s unfortunate the way the year had to come to a short end due to COVID-19, but we were able to keep on writing, which I am very grateful for! So for my last article of the year I want to celebrate some of the greatest work on our site to read or re-read while in quarantine! These suggestions are specifically tailored to help your quarantine experience be better and inspire some motivation to change the burdening feeling that comes with having to stay inside.

  1. 1. Entertainment

    For entertainment, I suggest you check out “10 Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix” by Cheryl Singh and “My Five Favorite Contemporary Novels for a Hopeless Romantic” by Alexa Burban. I chose these articles because I think a lot of us right now need distractions outside of work and studying for finals. Everyone could use new show suggestions for Netflix and the same goes for books! These both offer a wide variety of suggestions and are different than what I have seen be typically recommended before. The great thing about this quarantine is that there is definitely time to finally start the show you have always wanted to watch or read the book you have always wanted to read. Try to see this as an opportunity to do something new!

  2. 2. Lifestyle

    Lifestyle is probably the section with our most articles, which is amazing! You can imagine how hard it was to narrow it down, but please feel free to browse our site for lifestyle articles beyond this for more great reads. I’m recommending two very amazing ones that can still relate to the struggles of quarantine and once it is over. “How to Make the Most Out of Your Mornings” by Katherine King and “How to Stay Committed to Your Goals” by Aishah Ishaq are fantastic reads when you need some motivation. Personally, I am struggling with my sleep schedule and maintaining productivity, and I’m sure others are feeling the same. The beginning of 2020 felt really good, exciting and motivating for a lot of people, but no one expected this drastic change and global pandemic to hit so hard. Now it is about a change in perspective and aspiring to goals that can realistically be achieved in quarantine.

  3. 3. Wellness

    For wellness I recommend you try reading “5 Teas to Get You Through Exam Season” by Jayashri Maraj! This suggestion is really fun and lighthearted but definitely deserves some recognition as it is exam season right now. If you are extra stressed and overwhelmed because of all the changes for exams and school due to COVID-19, make sure you are taking care of your health and prioritizing what you need at this time. We have tons of articles on health and wellness topics so feel free to check out any others, as they are great resources. I really encourage you to focus on doing one thing a day that makes you feel good, whether it’s a walk around the block, meditating for five minutes, or eating a really great meal, appreciate it all and be glad that you have that opportunity!

  4. 4. Style & Beauty

    Style and beauty are probably the last thing on your mind right now and I don’t blame you at all. For myself I just wear my pajamas 24/7, which may not be cute but it is very comfortable. However, it can also be really sad when you feel like you have nowhere to go and nothing to change or dress up for. This part of quarantine really sucks, because even getting ready for a lecture feels like an accomplishment. If you feel like you're ready to change your mood and switch it up check out these articles: “New Decade, New Wardrobe” by Feimoon Choy and “Five YouTubers With Great Nightly Skincare Routines” by Lolade Adams. Take this time to clean out your closet, or get rid of the stuff that doesn't fit you anymore or is no longer wearable. This way you now have some room for online shopping purchases and can brainstorm new ideas for what you want your closet to look like after quarantine. This is also a great time to get in some good skin care habits and a killer regimen for yourself!

  5. 5. Travel

    Lastly, I wanted to talk about travel because I feel as though a lot of people are anxious to get out there and travel again once it’s safe to do so. I don’t know what would be better than to recommend Alexa Burban’s weekend travel series from her semester abroad in Oxford! Check out her one of many articles, “A Weekend in London.” You can also check out her articles about Edinburg, Switzerland and Germany! After reading about her experiences, I definitely am more excited than I have ever been to travel to Europe and experience the same things, and I hope it inspires the same for anyone else who reads them.

If you’re a writer and did not get featured in this article, it’s because I had such a hard time narrowing down the categories and articles to include! If you’re someone reading this who is not a part of Her Campus York University, I encourage you to read as many as you can, either to pass the time, for entertainment, motivation, inspiration or genuine interest during your quarantine. It’s safe to say that our content has been really amazing this year. Anything on there is both readable and relatable at any given time, and this article has shown to me that not even COVID-19 can stop our creative content from being produced!