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Welcome to 2021! It feels like another round of Jumanji in which hopefully there are less surprises and an end to the ongoing pandemic. We should collectively be so proud of adapting and living through a period that will undoubtedly be recorded in history. Given that it's another year of social distancing, here are some simple online based activities you can do with your friends and/or significant others.

Zoom PowerPoints

Allocate a ridiculous topic to each other or surprise one another on the day of the Zoom call presentation. The more wild, crazy or nonsensical, the more laughs you’ll get out of one another. Not only is this a quick little project to keep yourself busy but also, the laughs you’ll get will be worth it.

Some ideas for topics are: Who would survive The Hunger Games, Best to Worst Disney Princes’ and why you’d marry or kill them, What each person in the group will do as soon as the pandemic is over, Everyone in the group: 10 Years From Now,  which Marvel, Grey’s Anatomy or Disney Character each person is like. 

Create a Google Form

Whether you create the google form for your S.O. or your friends to fill in, it's a fun and new collaborative way to engage with one another. It can be however ridiculous or serious as you want, have fun and customize it to your liking! Above is a template of questions you can ask, but overall it is open ended and easy to create. 

Create a Quiz

Creating a quiz based on questions about your relationship, a ‘How Well Do You Know Me’ quiz or a how well do you know Harry Potter Trivia is something that all parties can enjoy. You can link the quiz on any social media account of yours and involve even more people if you wish. Alternatively, you could use Kahoot and make it a competition amongst your friends. Kahoot already has a ton of free quizzes on every topic, so if you are not interested in making one, you can at least play some.

Create a Playlist or Collaborate on One

Personalizing a playlist or collaborating on one together is a wonderful way to stay connected even when you aren't speaking, is something that will stay with you forever and a very intimate gesture and gift. Whether you choose for the playlist to be jams to play in the car, throwbacks, dance music or love songs to commemorate your relationship is totally up to you, the genres and possibilities are quite literally endless. You can also have fun customizing the cover art for these playlists! 

Create a Pinterest Board

For any Pinterest fanatics, this can be considered a little game that you could play. Assign a set amount of time or days and create a Pinterest board based on another person’s (or even your own) ideal aesthetic, fashion or interior home design. Not only is this calming but if created for someone else, it makes the other person feel special and recognized that you would notice such small details about their personality. When you do it for yourself, it's a meditative exercise which can double as a vision board. 

Netflix Party

If you are looking for a low maintenance activity that can mimic going to the movies, then try installing Netflix Party as a part of your browser. You can watch any movie or show on Netflix with any of your friends from the comfort of your home. We’re going to be streaming shows for a while now, so why not watch some with your friends? Whether it's a re-run or starting a new movie or show together. 

All of these activities can be done within the comfort of your home, requiring nothing more than your laptop, some good company and video calling. So consider picking a few to try out these next few months while we continue to maintain social distancing rules. 

Noor Qaiser

York U '24

Hi, I’m Noor! I am a Law and Society major at York University. I love travelling and taking photographs of all the fun moments in life. Avid lover of books, horror movies and adventure.
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