The Mythological Creature You Would Be (Based on Your Zodiac Sign)

As someone who is fascinated by both astrology and mythology, I decided to combine the two to figure out which mythological creature each zodiac sign embodies the most. So here is the  mythological creature you would be based on your zodiac sign:


Aries: Valkyrie

Background: The Valkyrie are in Norse Mythology. They overlook the battlefield and decide who should live or die.

Like the Valkyrie, Aries are strong and powerful leaders. They care deeply about their loved ones and will do anything they can to protect them. Just don’t get on their bad side because you will never recover.

Photo via Valkyrie Consultants


Taurus: Cerberus

Background: Cerberus is found in Greek Mythology and he is the three-headed dog that guards the underworld for Hades.

Cerberus appears to be scary but is actually very loving and loyal. He follows the commands of Hades and is very affectionate and welcoming to the new souls that enter the underworld. Taurus is like Cerberus because they will always be there for their loved ones and are very kind beings.  

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Gemini: Fairies

Background: Fairies appear in English Folklore. They bring fun and excitement to every tale that they are in.

Like Geminis, fairies are good at communicating and are easily able to persuade the people around them. For the most part, they have good intentions but they can be a little mischievous sometimes.


Photo by any-s-kill


Cancer: Pixie

Background: Pixies have a Celtic origin. They are known for bringing mischief as well as a nurturing presence to the stories they are in.

Cancers love to put smiles on people’s faces and that is why they are the pixie! Pixies also care a great deal about nature and taking care of people. Pixies are known for making plants grow faster and for healing people when they are sick.


Photo via kenphan


Leo: Nemean Lion

Background: The Nemean Lion appears in Greek Mythology. He is extremely powerful to the point where mortals weapons could not kill him because his fur coat was made out of gold.

Leos are powerful and strong just like the Nemean Lion. They are bold and fearless leaders that love to be the center of attention. Leos can also be aggressive when they do not get their way, just like the Nemean Lion.


Photo by Wei Guan


Virgo: Forest/Wood Nymph

Background: Nymphs appear in Greek and Roman Mythology. They are young maidens that looked after nature and mortals alike.

Being an earth sign, Virgos feel connected and grounded when they are in nature. The Wood Nymphs are connected to their trees and when the trees die, they die. The Nymphs are like Virgos because they watch out for their friends and preserve what is important to them.


Photo by Amedeya Ay


Libra: Sylph

Background: Sylphs are spirits that reside in the air. They hide inside clouds and use their powers to protect beautiful women, nature or top secret information.

Libras are air signs, and just like the Sylphs, they are attracted to beauty and knowledge. They like to avoid conflict at all costs and if conflict arises, they will probably disappear just like a Sylph going back into its cloud.


Photo by Mavrosh


Scorpio: Sirens

Background: Sirens are found in Greek Mythology. They are maidens who followed Persephone until she was taken by Hades. Since they couldn’t get Persephone back, Demeter (Persephone’s mother) curses the Sirens to an island. This is where the Sirens sing and lure sailors to their deaths.

Just like the Sirens, Scorpios can have a dark side. Scorpios are also very emotional and they enjoy having creative outlets, like singing, which allows them to freely express their emotions.

Photo via Mythical Creatures


Sagittarius: Centaurs

Background: The Centaurs are in Greek Mythology. Centaurs are part man and part horse.

Centaurs are bold and adventurous just like a Sagittarius. Centaurs are warriors but also have a thirst for knowledge, which is something that any Sagittarius can relate to.

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Capricorn: Elf

Background: Elves appear in Norse Mythology. They are hard-workers but also know how  to have fun too!

Like Elves, Capricorns are very logical. They are individualistic and go after their goals and dreams, and won’t let anyone stand in their way.


Photo by Konstantine Tamchenko


Aquarius: Satyr

Background: The Satyrs are found in Greek Mythology. They are known to be the life of the party and love entertainment.

Aquarians love art and having a good time so you will most likely find them on stage acting, dancing or singing. Sometimes they party a little too hard as well just like a Satyr.

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Pisces: Mermaids

Background: Mermaids appear consistently in folklore and are one of the more popular mythological creatures.

Like Pisces, Mermaids are considered to be more spiritual than any other being. They are also very sensitive so they are cautious towards new people. When they feel comfortable you will be able to see just how curious and inquisitive they really are.

Photo via Legends & Myths


Do you agree with your mythological creature? If you would like to learn more about Astrology feel free to check out your full birth chart here.