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My Top 5 Favourite Jewelry Stores and Companies

A good piece of jewelry can really compliment any outfit. It can pull a casual outfit together or make a glam outfit look even more glam. The best part is that everyone can find their perfect piece of jewelry. I’m a big fan of anything that’s gold, delicate or has some sparkle, which is why these five jewelry designers and stores are my favourite.

Jenny Bird

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Jenny Bird Jewelry is a leading international brand sold in over 600 retailers and is full of creative and bold pieces. Bird’s jewelry is innovative, beautiful and adds something unique to any outfit. Plus, many celebrities such as Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) and Tessa Thompson (Westworld) wear some of Bird’s gorgeous pieces. I love this brand because not only is it Canadian, but also I love how unique the pieces are.


Movida Jewelry

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This brand has some stunning pieces that will cater to any jewelry lover. From statement pieces to delicate pieces, Movida has it all. Many of their pieces are super cute and easy to pair with any outfit. I love their gold and pearl necklaces because of their high quality and how beautiful they look. Overall, there’s something for everyone at Movida.



Anthropologie is well-known for their unique clothing but they also have really pretty jewelry. I’m a big fan of most of their necklaces, especially the daintier ones. I tend to lean towards wearing one of my Anthropologie pieces whenever I want to wear something more delicate.


Lauren Klassen

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Another Canadian-based jewelry company, Lauren Klassen likes to convert average objects and DIY them into unique, fine jewelry pieces. Her designs are described as edgy and ultra-cool. My favourite collections of hers are the safety pin collection and the padlock collection. She really does a great job of turning those everyday objects into beautiful pieces that look so cool.

Kate Spade

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I’m totally obsessed with Kate Spade. From their purses to their jewelry, everything they sell is cute and girly, which is exactly my style.


Honestly, you can’t go wrong with the stunning jewelry that these stores and companies put out because they’re all so beautiful and unique in their own way.


Melissa is a fifth-year student in Communications and Psychology at Glendon College (York University). She enjoys reading, writing, going shopping and watching reality television shows with her friends. Her dream is to work in entertainment PR and to live in London, England.   
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