Must-Watch Movies on Netflix for the 2019 Holiday Season

Some might argue that the holiday season is the best time of the year. Now that it’s mid-November, it’s definitely acceptable to start watching tons of holiday movies! Whether you prefer the classics or are a lover of new stories, Netflix has some great options for everyone this year. Movies are a great way to get into the holiday spirit and to spend quality time with loved ones in your life. Check out these recommendations to make your 2019 holiday season an amazing one!

  1. 1. Let It Snow

    This is a brand new Netflix Original movie that might be my favorite out of all of these recommendations! Let It Snow is a perfect movie, whether you celebrate the holidays or not. It’s an ensemble type cast where each character undergoes life lessons of love, friendship or family in some way. Every individual story is intertwined with everyone else’s by relating to the big snowfall in their small town and trying to get to the party at Waffle Town! Watch this with your besties, your significant other or even alone and appreciate all the great simple things in life like the snow!

  2. 2. Holiday In The Wild

    A great movie to watch on girls night or with your mom and sisters! This is another new Netflix original that was released just this past month. Holiday In The Wild is a heartwarming story about a woman whose son leaves for college, and then her husband immediately asks for a divorce. Lost, she takes the second honeymoon she planned for them by herself and finds herself falling in love with Africa, elephants and even the safari guide. She gets to find herself and her passions all over again and appreciate all the things she had to give up for her family. This is such a feel good movie and I hope everyone gets a chance to watch it!

  3. 3. New Year’s Eve

    This has become a classic over the years. Believe it or not, but this movie came out in 2011! That might seem like forever ago now that it’s almost 2020. New Year’s Eve is another ensemble movie with tons of famous actors and actresses in the cast. Each character has something important to do, to go to, or to get before or on New Year’s Eve. Even if you don’t celebrate the holidays, this movie is just a great celebration of love, friendship and family.  It’s the kind of movie that will make you stop to think about and reflect on the entire year before the new one begins!

  4. 4. Christmas with the Kranks

    I would definitely consider this a holiday classic! Christmas with the Kranks came out in 2004 and Tim Allen is the king of holiday movies. After their daughter leaves for the Peace Corps for a year, the Kranks realize that Christmas isn’t going to be the same. They decide to skip Christmas and go on a cruise but the neighborhood and town don’t like that idea. As a result, they have their own plans to try and get the Kranks back into the Christmas spirit and holiday traditions. However, they get a call on Christmas Eve that their daughter is in fact coming home for Christmas so they have 24 hours to prepare for their annual party and have their house fully decorated! All the madness ensues and this is a personal favorite to watch with your whole family. 

  5. 5. The Knight Before Christmas

    This movie does not come out on Netflix until November 21st but it looks incredible! The Knight Before Christmas is about a literal knight getting stuck in the present day; it’s believed that he has memory loss which causes him to act like a knight. Vanessa Hudgens’ character tasks herself with helping him try to get his memory back. In between, they end up falling for each other and it looks like this is going to be another great romantic comedy holiday movie! Perfect for a girls night, date night with your significant other, or even by yourself!

I hope you get a chance to watch all of these this holiday season and are excited for December to come! Movies are the perfect way to spend time with others and a great way to relax during the craziness and busy time that is the holiday season. Always make sure to treat yourself and have a good time too as the holidays roll around the corner!