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Live in Full Bloom This 2019

The beauty of a flower is in its weakness, how it is touched by humanity, how it lives and breathes through purity. In a fleeting motion its beauty can be ripped from the soil and torn out of its surroundings, yet it stands tall, cowers to no one and is unafraid. However, its beauty is something to be harvested, reveled at and taken.

With a little warmth we can all bloom, and open ourselves up to the fullness we are called to. Like a flower breaks through the soil, I will push through and not be broken. I will endure whatever hardships come my way and persevere until the beauty surfaces in my own life. I will live with intentionality and purpose; I will bloom where I am planted in this very moment. I know that the greatest struggles bare the most beauty; I will live in constant anticipation of my blooming.

My struggles are preparing me to bloom into the fullness of my individuality. I will weather whatever storms come my way with grace and prosperity — always aiming to open myself up despite wanting to close and wither. As I weather these storms, I will live in the serenity that they were put into my life for a purpose: one which suits my time, position and place in my life. I will bow myself to the process of growth happening within me. The resistance I face is forming me slowly: pruning my edges, tilling the soil and preparing me for a season of plenty with new life. I will not resist the process of coming into my own beauty. I am learning to trust the process of my own growth. I am no longer resisting myself as I find my mind turning a new leaf and being renewed.


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Regardless of the season I am in — drought, growth or in full bloom — I embrace that every season is deserving of recognition. Whether it is beauty in the unknown, the struggle to be vulnerable or the triumph that follows the resistance, each moment is precisely planted for a reason. Life’s greatest droughts are often always followed by moments of rebirth and reimagining what was once dormant — where we are plucked and placed in new heights and in places unseen. Even in seasons of uncertainty and starvation, flowers revitalize themselves in their own time — creating from something without succumbing to nothing.

The beauty that I hold within my heart and soul is as fragile as the singularity of a flower in a field. The winds will not shake a foundation that is rooted in goodness. I have laid the groundwork and set myself up to be unshakable to the elements. I will not live afraid of what storm is yet to come, what winds will uproot me, or what waters will swallow me; I will vibrate my beauty across barren fields anyway. I will not shield the beauty that lives within me to make others comfortable. I will not put up a facade and dilute the purity of the water I want to drink. I will instead work within myself to break down the thorns I have put up to shield those from getting too close.

I will grow into full bloom and help others reach the fullness of who they are called to be. I will walk without fear of being tainted by greedy hands and bow my head at those who try to pluck my very nature. I will not be afraid to show others my weaknesses, for the payoff is greater than the sacrifice made. Beauty endures through the pains of the past and love roots itself deeper than hate. Life and love is a give and take, but also a gift we make. I will live my life leaving a trail of petals with everyone I meet, leaving a piece of myself with everyone. Nothing can bloom in absolute isolation — I am called to you as you are called to me. I hope one day we may meet again.


Photo by Boris Smokrovic

Emily Moore

York U '20

Former Western Sociology student turned York Professional Writer. Writing is so special because it allows me to be vulnerable and to connect with others. I'm always looking for adventure and new experiences! I caught the travel bug whilst spending a summer in Europe in 2014. I am perpetually torn between team cat and dog. And I am most defintely black tea over coffee.
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