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Out with the old and in with the new. Annual resolutions embody a powerful wave of hope for the future. Realistically, many of these resolutions are often quick to fade out of existence and depart from our memory as life becomes more hectic and demanding. It’s happened to the best of us. Keeping ourselves on track can definitely be challenging. Out of sight, out of mind, right? That’s why keeping our goals physically in sight is imperative.

The major rule when creating a vision board is that there are no rules. Simply let your imagination run wild. Start by putting your affirmative visions onto a board as visuals, similar to a scrapbook. If you’re unsure exactly where to start, begin with some self-reflection. Ask yourself what your goals are in a career, relationship, travel, personal growth, health—the list goes on.

Make a mental note of what you would like each area of your life to look like and find images or quotes that correspond with that vision. If you’d like to make a virtual board on your device, I would suggest using Pinterest as an outlet for your images and quotes. If you’d like to get ultra-creative, grab a poster or cork board, glue and a pair of scissors and begin flipping through pages of a magazine to see what best fits your desires. You are free to include any other item that inspires you.

The majority of my life thus far has been spent in school, which brought upon consistent structure and organization. Simply put, I always knew where I was headed when September rolled around— uncertainty rarely ever consumed my thoughts. With my university graduation soon approaching this year, I came to the realization that it’s time to begin writing a new chapter of my life.

I am certain of where and who I’d like to be, however, this time around nothing is guaranteed. It’s essentially up to me to build my own future. This year, as I embark on new adventures and welcome new beginnings, I remind myself that I am not starting from scratch but rather from experience. This ultimately led to my idea to create my own vision board which I will share below.

Since my board was created virtually, I keep it as my desktop background. I’ve found that having it in sight everyday has increased my motivation and has kept me encouraged. As you can tell, the placement of your vision board is of extreme importance. Place it in a space where you will frequently be able to see it and watch your mind subconsciously remain focussed on your goals.

What it also does is expand and better your mindset when it comes to your ambitions. You essentially have a visual representation of your dream life so to speak, and I’ve found that physically having that visualization in front of me has only made me want it more.

Think of your vision board as a constant work in progress. Don’t hesitate to take things off, add pieces or start from scratch if the life you thought you wanted no longer matches your desires. Update it as you move throughout life. Some priorities and dreams will change but that’s the beauty of life, it doesn’t remain stagnant. The ending of one journey is only the beginning of another. 

For as long as I can remember, writing has been a great passion of mine, and has served as an outlet for expressing myself. It is something that brings me much comfort and joy. I am beyond excited to share my ideas with others!
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