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Dating apps have become increasingly popular over the past few years. However, it’s not always the easiest way to date. Since I’ve used three different dating apps over the past four years, I’ve had to figure out how to properly use them and what are the best ways to get the most out of them. So, here are three quick tips to help you on your dating journey.

Keep an open mind

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It’s easy to be quickly judgemental while using a dating app. Don’t just base your first impressions on the first picture that pops up. Take a second to look at their other pictures and to read their bio to learn a bit about the person. Maybe swipe right on someone who might not be an exact match to your usual type. Just remember that everyone is more that their profile picture and someone might just surprise you.


Start a conversation

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I know a lot of girls who don’t feel comfortable sending out the first message to guys. However, sometimes it’s actually a good thing to make the first move. On some dating apps, like Bumble, women have no choice but to send the first message. If you find someone attractive, why not be the first to send a message, show them that you’re interested? It’s not always a bad thing for the other person to sense your interest.


Meet up with people

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If you truly want to use a dating app to its full potential don’t just swipe right or left when you’re bored. Make a plan and go out on a date! Maybe you’ll meet someone who you’ll have fun with or you’ll become friends. Worst case scenario the date is awful and you’ll have a funny story to tell your friends, or it’s mediocre, but at least you tried. Putting yourself out there isn’t always fun or easy but in the end it’ll be worth it because you’ll learn about yourself and about dating.

I know those tips seem rather simple but trust me if you put them to use you’ll be a dating app guru in no time!

Melissa is a fifth-year student in Communications and Psychology at Glendon College (York University). She enjoys reading, writing, going shopping and watching reality television shows with her friends. Her dream is to work in entertainment PR and to live in London, England.   
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