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How To Multitask During Midterms 

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Are you struggling managing your schoolwork, your job, your social life, and your hobbies during midterm season? Are you finding yourself in an endless spiral of not being able to concentrate on studying because you are worried about other aspects of your life? Do you find yourself not making time for yourself while preparing for midterms and other activities you’ve committed to? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you are reading the right article. 

During midterms, it can be very difficult to stay on top of school and manage things in your life you are committed to. Since you are busy sifting through your readings, watching lectures, and spending most of your hours in the library, you may feel overwhelmed and like you aren’t managing your time. 

It is very crucial to make time for yourself during midterms. Try to be proactive and and make a list of things that should be done. Procrastinating can have a negative effect on you and it is better to stay organised and have a set schedule. On the other hand, it is also important to have some downtime for yourself. 

Having downtime for yourself allows you to gather your thoughts, take a break, and enjoy yourself so you are not exhausted and can bounce back stronger. This is very good for the mind and body because it provides an escape.

Make a schedule!

The first and most important aspect of multitasking during a busy time is making a schedule. By making a schedule, you are able to remember important examination dates, when assignments need to be submitted, school work, meetings and other extracurricular activities. By making a weekly schedule, you have a visual representation of what your week looks like.

Having a schedule also helps in decision-making, since you can eliminate uncertainty and make more informed decisions when adding tasks to your list.

Schedules can also increase your productivity and goal management. By practising good time management, you can accomplish bigger results in a short period of time, which helps you focus better during midterms and may even lower your school-related stress. 

It is also vital to take a few hours for yourself. You can add downtime to your schedule to remind yourself to prioritise self care.

be realistic when setting goals

Set realistic goals for yourself and give yourself time to work on those goals. When you focus on too many things at once, it may be difficult to allocate work time to specific projects. When we try to accomplish everything all at once, we may still feel defeated at the end of the day because it might not have been our best work. By allowing yourself to take it easy and setting realistic standards for yourself, multitasking becomes much easier. 

It can be easy to rush when you have the majority of things on your plate. Patience is key, as is working at a steady pace. Even if it takes more time than usual to accomplish a task, you may end up taking more time than anticipated if you have to go back and tend to it to make it higher quality. Take your time to make the right decision and do high quality work the first time around. You can accomplish this by minimizing distractions; store your phone away from your study space or turn it on DND.

Most importantly, remember to give yourself regular breaks because your mind learns better and retains information better when you take frequent breaks. You may notice after your breaks that you are more energised and more efficient when it comes to your work. You can try the Pomodoro technique; studying for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break. During the 5 minute break you can scroll on social media, grab a snack or talk to a friend. This way, your body will be active and remember things and retain all you have learned for your midterms. 

Not to mention, it is imperative to be active during time of study whether that involves doing some yoga, working out, going on a walk, or even getting a few steps in.

So, give yourself time and start every day off on a positive note. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide how you will wake up and make the best out of everyday life! 

Ommum Hassan

York U '25

Hello, my name is Ommum Hassan and I am a returning member and am a writer for Her Campus. I spread awareness about many topics and spread as much knowledge as I can. Besides Her Campus I am active member of the community and work at a hospital. I work two jobs and am part of many extracurricular activities around school. The unique qualifications I pertain are FPLT and a first aid CPR certificate. I am currently affiliated with York University doing a double major in Health science and Kinesiology. I also work closely with my faculty and take part in research. In free time, I enjoy reading, working out, and recently started cooking. I enjoy my free time watching Netflix and spending quality time with my family.