How To Start The New School Year Off Right

It’s that time of year again when the humidity slowly fades and the leaves on the trees aren’t looking as green anymore. For some people, the impending arrival of fall is exciting, but others are met with anxiety knowing that the new school year is just around the corner. However, the new school year shouldn’t provoke negative thoughts or hesitation; it should be an exciting time of the year filled with new possibilities and adventures. If you’re feeling uneasy about the new school year, whether you’re just starting college or you’re onto the next semester, here are some tips on how to start the year off right!


  1. 1. Get Yourself Into A Positive Mindset

    The way we look at particular situations plays a large role in their inevitable outcome. Although it’s sometimes more challenging to look at things with a glass half full mentality, putting in the extra effort will pay off in the end. Look at the new school year like it’s something good rather than bad. You’re about to learn things that you may not know or have never thought of looking into. You’re coming into a new chapter of your life which will ultimately get you closer to whatever goal you have set for yourself. And if you’re still feeling down about the new year, try your best to think positively about your new schedule or classes; every little bit helps.


  2. 2. Treat Yourself

    A new school year could mean new things! Treat yourself to a brand new box of your favorite pens, a new reusable water bottle or even a new laptop! As silly as it may sound, I purchased a new notebook last year and was just that bit more excited to get class started. I found that it helped me be mentally ready for the year ahead, even though it was only just a notebook.

  3. 3. New Year, New People

    Meeting new people is only expected when you start new classes. However, being open and ready to make those new people your friends will not only help you learn more but make you that much more willing to go to class. If you don’t recognize any faces on your first day, find an empty seat next to someone who looks friendly and don’t be afraid to start up a conversation, even if it’s awkward at first. Most of the friendships I have made in classes started with a few awkward conversations until you both realize that you’re on the same page, nervous for the new school year and not exactly ready for all the hard work you’ve got coming your way.


    With new friends, you’ll be much more excited to go to class! You’ll have someone keeping tabs on you and hopefully wanting you to succeed. The more study buddies the better! And don’t be afraid to say yes to opportunities where you can make new friends. I met two of my closest friends on a whim! If I had said “no” to their invite to grab a coffee before class on the first day, I wouldn’t have had as great of a time that year, regardless of the papers and exams.

  4. 4.   Routines Help You Succeed

    The faster you get used to your new schedule, the better. To help you do so, get into a routine that’ll help you feel the most natural about your schedule. Whether it be reading a chapter on the bus to your class or grabbing an iced coffee ten minutes before class (or both), once you get into the habit of doing something, you’ll be less likely to break that habit. If by chance you’re having an off day and end up skipping, with a solid ritual in place, you’ll feel that much more inclined to return to your routine next time!

  5. 5. Acknowledge That You’re Going To Fail, But Only Just A Little

    We have to be honest with ourselves, we can’t always be killing the game. Understand that you’re going to fall behind in readings or not be as on top of your assignments as you’d like to be, but try your best to get as much done as early as possible. It’s only normal that students get tired and burnt out within the first month of classes. The original excitement (if there ever was any) has worn off now that you’re in the swing of things. Maintaining constant energy and determination to always be on the ball can be exhausting, so don’t feel bad if you fall behind. Give yourself a much deserved break; maybe watch a movie or hang out with friends and then get back into it.

Whether you’re excited for the new school year or you’re absolutely dreading it, hopefully my tips will help make this year your best one yet. Good luck!