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How to get ready in the morning in 10 minutes or less!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York U chapter.

Waking up in the morning can be a hassle for even the most motivated of us. Some days your bed is just too warm, the day is just too long, or you just stayed up too late. Unfortunately, we can’t all wake up two hours before we have to leave every morning and have an abundance of time to get ready. For those of you out there who always sleep past your alarm, or just take too long to get ready in the morning, these are some tips to help you get ready more quickly. Regardless of the reason you clicked on this article, we’re going to get down into the nitty gritty of how to get ready in a flash.

Two Minutes: Getting Dressed

Getting dressed in the morning can sometimes be the most time consuming task, especially if you’re indecisive or if you have a particularly full wardrobe. The best way to cut down time from this task is to plan your outfits the night before! Set it out on your chair or your dresser, then all you have to do is throw it on in the morning, so that getting dressed should only take as long as it takes you to, well, get dressed.


0 Minutes: Packing Your Bag

Keeping the similar idea of getting things done the night before, pack your bag before you go to sleep! After setting out your outfit for the next day, take a few minutes out of your night time routine to get organised for the next day. Take a look at your calendar, your to-do list, your plans, your whatever and gather up all the things that you know you’ll need for the next day. Pack them into the bag you plan on using and place it beside or nearby your planned outfit! Anything you need to pack for the day but cannot be packed the night before (ex: bottle of water, lunch, etc.) write it down on a post-it and stick it to the back of your phone before you go to sleep. That way you know you won’t forget it!

This task should take no time out of your morning routine, since your bag should already be packed when you wake up!

One Minute: Brushing your teeth

As gross as it sounds, there are indeed a few shortcuts for this one. If you’re really in a hurry and you need to take time away from a proper brushing, try your best to do a thorough pass with your toothbrush with a bit more speed. Don’t forget to brush your tongue! No one needs to know you were stingy with your tooth brushing time this morning from a mouthful of morning breath. Finish with mouthwash and you’re good to go!
(Please don’t do this every morning. This should be reserved for those days when you’re really running late, otherwise you may end up with some nasty cavities!)

Two Minutes: Doing Your Hair.

There are many different hairdos that can look stylish but still be done in a pinch. The messy bun is a classic, but consider a variation of the hairstyle! Instead of the basic messy topknot, try a low bun with a few stray hairs to frame your face. Even consider trying a middle part for that extra “Kim Kardashian” touch. If your hair is extra uncooperative, or if you’re just having one of those extra greasy days, beanies and baseball caps are your best friend. Consider a loose braid or a simple low ponytail to wrangle your loose locks and throw a hat on top. Even consider matching your outfit to the hat to make it look like it was all intentional.

Four Minutes: Doing Your Makeup

In an ideal world, everyone would be able to walk out of the house confidently without makeup and be able to have a worry-free day. It would definitely shave some time off of your morning routine. However, makeup is also a great way to cover up those nasty eye bags that seem to plague every university student’s face, as well as any blemishes you may have. It’s great for brightening up the eyes to help appear more awake, and generally a fun outlet to help express yourself. 

However, in a time crunch in the morning, if you really feel you can’t leave the house without makeup, it’s important to know your basics. As Jeremy Renner (known Marvel actor and past professional makeup artist) says; “Brows. Lashes. Lips. Frame the face. It’s simple, it’s five minutes.” 

A simple brow gel to tint the hair and keep them in place can be applied with a simple few swipes of the brush. 

Mascara is just as easy, apply with a few swipes of the applicator, and if you want a more subtle look, try focusing the mascara on the outer corner! (And for an extra touch on the eyes, try applying a bit of highlight to your inner corner, it’ll make you look more awake and your skin appear more glowy!)

And lips, of course you can always go the route of a full liquid lip, but for the sake of speed, a tinted lip balm is your best friend. Or something untinted as well! Hydrated lips are everyone’s best friend, especially with cold weather approaching.


If you can pull all of this off with the time estimates (which have been thoroughly tried and tested) then you could be out of bed and out the door in just nine minutes! These tips can help you shorten your morning routine, or even improve what you’ve been doing for years. Stop waking up hours earlier than you want to and start sleeping in like the irresponsible student we all thrive to be.

Angelica is from a small town in the middle of Nowhere, Ontario, where she grew up farming the fields and herding the sheep. She moved the the big city to get her degree and become a writer.
Averie Severs is one of the Her Campus CC's for the York U chapter. She is a film production major with a focus in documentary filmmaking.