How to Avoid a Bad Date

Dating can honestly suck. It involves trying to find someone that you connect with, but sifting through people to find someone that you actually want to be with can be challenging. Here are a few tips to help you on your dating journey to make it a little bit easier. These are five things that will help you have a better date:


Call first

If you have met someone over a dating app, I highly recommend chatting on the phone before going out with them. Through texting, someone can come across completely different then in person. Talking on the phone allows you to see if conversation flows and if you get a good vibe from the person.

I’ve avoided so many bad dates by just having a phone conversation first. Don’t put yourself through a bad date if you don’t have to!

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Treat it like you are just making a new friend

Don’t build up the person or the experience you will have together in your head. They probably aren’t Prince Charming, okay? Just go and see if you click and have an amazing conversation. Pretend that you are going out with a friend and just try to get to know the person.

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Make sure you both want the same thing

If you are just looking for something casual, then state that, because you may end up on a date with someone that wants something serious and then you are wasting your time and the other person’s time. It’s so much easier to get that out in the open from the beginning so that it doesn’t lead to confusion later.

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Come up with ideas on what to talk about

Come up with questions to ask them, and figure out some of their interests ahead of time so you can bring those up to discuss. Think of a funny story that you could share that happened to you that week. Make sure you have something interesting to talk about or some questions in your back pocket.

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You’re fine, have fun

Just go and enjoy yourself. Even if you end up on a date with someone that you may only see that one time, at least you may have good conversation or learn something new. Have fun and enjoy the experience.

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Even after having a phone conversation with someone, make sure you have a backup plan (ie. getting a friend to call and say that they need you for something). Anyway, I hope this list helped you and good luck!