House of Glass

I was made of glass

My transparent walls reflected back what you wished to see inside 

You saw you, didn’t you?

I figured the familiarity would make it easier for you

Would make me easier for you

I painted the picture you could only imagine with your eyes closed

I erased my nervous sketch and decided it wasn’t ready for the world outside my mind 

My mind

Where so many unfinished pieces rest to dust

Photo by Elisa Riva 


My tears match the quartz of my exterior

It makes sense that you never noticed them rolling down what you thought to be my face

Three wrinkles formed on the bridge of your nose when you felt the warmth of each droplet fall upon your fingertips

“What was that?”, I bet you wondered 

It was the silenced fragment of my existence

The most colorful part of my core



Photo by Nka_Akin


Despite my house of glass, I have never quite understood what it means to be home

Despite my house of glass, I am far from pure… Although that is all I wish to be

Despite my apparent house of glass, I am nothing but a mirror in search of my own reflection


Photo by Free-Photos