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Holiday Season Gifts with a Little More Meaning

It’s difficult to find the right gifts for people each year, let alone on a college student’s budget! Depending on the person, there are many ways to go about finding the gifts they deserve this season. Hopefully this listicle helps you out and inspires some gift ideas.

Bujo Royalty Loyalty

We all know that one person who has perfect journaling talents. There are many different gifts to be given to a crafter or journaler. Some places I would honestly consider buying from are the dollar store (for things like washi tape, stickers, organizational needs, and even paper). There, you can buy multiple things on a small budget. You can also find small sticker shops on etsy or from local places to save on shipping. That can also work for decorative paper, note pads, and notebooks. It’s obviously a bit pricier but you get custom made things, and help support small businesses. Michaels is also another place to check out, the priciest of the three options, but you do get a lot of different options!

Festive Fashionetsa 

Some people like fashion and there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s amazing and so diverse, but when buying on a budget you should try to avoid fast fashion. I’ve seen many online places stealing artwork from friends or followers. That said, try to shop locally. You support local, while reducing chances of design theft. The black market, vintage stops, or even smaller stores usually offer good discounts for handmade clothing by fair trade workers. The vintage stores also usually have reduced prices or sales.

Try to avoid shopping at places that ship from countries that are known to exploit young children or for their unfair trade work. Outside of that, who doesn’t love a nice hat or a scarf during this winter season? Ardenes and American Eagle, and even Roots sell similar articles for under 40$

Foodie Friend

What do you get a friend whose present might rot if you got them what they wished for in a box? A pack of flavoured bubly cost about 5$ at Costco!

David’s Tea is Canadian-based so that’s another option. They have dozens of flavours to try, some tasting like foods you know.

A gift card to their favourite coffee or food place, no matter how small is another option I’m sure they’d be thankful for. And if your budget is around 40$-50$ that’s around the price of a Walmart mini fridge!

Collector Co-pilot

We all know that one person who collects one thing or another. I’m a collector and it can range from being a pretty simple buy to a very difficult one. For coin collectors, you can search for colourful coins in your change or maybe find a coin close to their hearts on Ebay, perhaps a specific state coin. However, there are people like me who collect figures, and only specific ones. So, try to focus your search around shows or video games they like. Prize figures and randomized blind boxes are always a hit! If you’re unsure, you can always purchase elements to decorate their current figures. Personally, my mother brings home seashells to decorate my sailor Neptune shrine.

Video Games Vibes

Video games tend to be expensive. So, how about some budget-friendly ideas for video game lovers? Pre-used games from Ebay or EB Games are an option. Plushies or pillows of someone’s favourite games are also always nice. Which Animal Crossing lover doesn’t want to cuddle an Isabella Mochi Pillow? They sell them on American Amazon for 20$-30$ depending on the day.

A couple of Monster drinks for late night gaming sessions are also always useful. Mints from Mario in little golden mystery boxes or Toad’s head are other options! And artisan keycaps for keyboards are always fun. Those range from 7-40$ for one, so whoever is on the receiving end of the gift giving would be pleased with just one for the ESC key – which would be cute!

Remember to try to shop locally, and to give from the heart. Budgets won’t keep you from finding and giving good gifts. Even a painting you’ve made will be enough to make someone smile! Package your gifts with cute things like a nice bow, and I’m sure they’ll love all the effort you put in despite the budget restrictions. 

25, majors in psychology. I really enjoy pop punk music, painting, photography, and Pokémon. Absol and Vulpix are my favourite Pokémon. I started off in Guatemala, lived there for a couple of years until I received citizenship in Canada. Prior to this my parents had left me with my grandparents as they worked out all the paper work because of an incident in with the government trying to deny my access to Canada. After that, I went to school for 12 years, under the Canadian school system. I had a couple of traumatic events after I had graduated from high school damaging my memory. So I currently have a surprised memory. Lame, I know. But with all those traumatic events, I was finally able to get treatment I was denied originally, due to cultural norms, and got sent into CAMH. I spent about a month originallys, and have been in and out of their system as an in-patient. I got proper treatment. Now, outside of school I spend a lot of time in treatment centres of CAMH. I’ve spent a couple of years off due to mental health, only to have a deeper understanding for treatments, people, and the ways but could help them enjoy their lives more. It’s always such a good feeling to see people blossom into who they deserve to be. I’m still learning how to be okay, and being who I should be.
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