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Holiday Season Gift Hunting

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As we all know, the holiday season is fast approaching, we’re hoping to hit all the sales upcoming like Black Friday. I’ve worked in malls for a while, and I can tell you, you can find better “sales” prior to Black Friday. It’s going to be hard finding deals and the things people asked for since the hectic season has already started.

Weekday Sales

Stores like Kate Spade, and other luxury stores tend to have really amazing sales on the weekdays in store. They tend to have the same sales throughout the week, along with discount malls, with outlet stores. They’ll always have discounts during normal business hours.


Clearance items tend to go on clearance once the season it’s from the past, because it’ll be viewed as “last season”. These are good items to buy for next year’s season as fashion throughout the year will always be similar to the past ones.


Deals like buy one get one, or half off with purchase are always beyond helpful. As you can pick up whatever you can for not just one, but two different people for the same price just one would’ve. You can find deals like this at H & M, Mountain Warehouse, and even just packages of the same item and splitting it up.

Outlet malls

As mentioned above, outlet malls are always something you want to hit up! You’re able to pick out. There’s something these places can guarantee is a good sale. They typically have a large section for shopping, and places to make pit stops.

Charity stores and such

You’ll always find things from designer deals to books in charity stores. They offer such a wide variety for people who have a large list. Even for the friend or family member who has that niche interest.

Thanks for joining in on these places you might be able to find amazing deals for the right price when holiday shopping.

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