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We’re now well into September and the summer feels so far away. The summer is a great time to get away from the city and experience more that the world has to offer, or maybe even explore our own city more. This week I decided to indulge in my nostalgia and reflect back on my summer travels. Many of my fellow York U chapter members traveled this summer also, and so, I welcome you to our summer travel blog.

Destination: Europe (various)

This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Europe. Civitavecchia, Italy is where I began my Europe trip in a quaint and homey bed-and-breakfast. Although I spent most of my time in Italy, Spain had to be my favorite place to visit. There, I spent a day in Barcelona and Palma. The bright and beautiful streets were filled with so much life, and it was hard to not be in awe all the time. I also spent some time in France, sightseeing in Paris and lounging on the beach in Cannes. I traveled back and forth to Italy visiting Naples, Pisa and Florence along the way and ended my trip in the famous city of Rome. Something I gained on this trip was a deeper appreciation and understanding of the histories of these cities. And I am tremendously grateful to have experienced all of this with my family. - Lisa Dela Cruz

Destination: Edmonton, Alberta

This summer I went back to my hometown, Edmonton, Alberta! One of my favorite things I did was visit the Muttart Conservatory. The conservatory consists of four pyramids, nature exhibits ranging from arid, temperate, tropical and the feature biome. Picture is from the featured biome, the Monae Garden. Unfortunately the Muttart is now closed and will reopen in 2021 with brand new exhibits. 

Something I also did while back home in Edmonton, Alberta was go venturing down 124th street. This is a really popular street in Edmonton for murals, art exhibits, cafes and many other fun spots to see. This picture is me in front of one of the many murals after getting my first tattoo on 124th street! - Feimoon Choy

Destination: Orlando, Florida

A highlight of my summer was definitely visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. For an entire weekend, I immersed myself in J.K. Rowling’s universe by trying all the themed rides, riding the Hogwarts Express, and getting my own wand. Plus, I got to celebrate my birthday drinking Butterbeer! It was definitely a trip to remember. - Dianne Victor

Destination: Terrace Bay, Ontario

Dragfest has been a huge part of my and my family's lives ever since I was little. My grandfather is the president of the Superior Classics Car Club so it's always been important to us. There's nothing that quite matches the roaring of engines, the smell of burnt rubber and watching vehicles go ripping down the track. This year, I got to spend time with Clif Bakx and his dragster, The Bull (which my grandpa was also helping with!) It's especially exciting to see the dragsters race (Clif has the current speed record: 220 mph/354 kph!) so it was amazing to see everything up close. I've always felt at home at the tracks with my family. Wherever I may go, I know a piece of me will always stay in Dragfest. Thank you grandpa, Clif and everyone involved in the drags! - Kaitlin Kenny

Destination: Jonas Brothers Concert

I ventured into the city (Toronto) with my friends to see the Jonas Brothers, back in all their glory! It had been 10 years since the last time I saw them and I was excited to share the reunion with my amazing friends. - Alexa Burban

Destination: Europe (various)

I had the opportunity to travel to Europe this year. A trip that has been in the works for years. I have family on my Dad’s side living in the Netherlands and until now, we had never had the opportunity to meet. The last time my Dad was in the Netherlands he was 21-years-old, and during my trip I celebrated my 21st birthday. We spent most of our trip in the Netherlands, but we also visited Belgium, France (one day), Switzerland and Germany. It was an amazing trip and I hope to someday go back, and hopefully this time with some more Dutch under my belt to impress my relatives. - Averie Severs

There are so many places to travel to and so many experiences to have during the summer, and the memories made last us a lifetime. I hope you enjoyed hearing about our summer travels and experiences and I hope your summer was just as incredible!

Averie Severs is one of the Her Campus CC's for the York U chapter. She is a film production major with a focus in documentary filmmaking. 
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