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Her Campus Profile: Sakina Hussain

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at York U chapter.

Sakina is one of our newest members at Her Campus YorkU. It was my pleasure to interview her and get to know her. Learn more about where she is from, her favourite list of artists, and why she decided to join HCYU!

Name: Sakina Hussain

Program: Biomedical Science

Age: 19

Hometown: Hyderabad, Pakistan

Born: Doha, Qatar


What do you like to do in your free time?

I used to read a lot, but it seems I have sadly replaced that with a constant stream of shows. I like to watch everything and anything, especially Friends and Brooklyn Nine Nine during stressful weeks. I am currently obsessed with the Good Doctor, it’s such an amazing story. I also love experimenting with my eyeshadows when I get really bored, I don’t think I’m any good but it’s fun nonetheless!


What are your top four destinations that you want to travel to?

The four top destinations I want to travel have to be Turkey, Greece, Peru and Japan. I think they’re all really different places so I want to experience the cultures of all of them. For Peru, I really want to visit Machu Pichu and in Turkey, I want to visit a town called Pamukkale which has beautiful white terraces with bright blue water.



If you were to be an animal, which one would you be and why?

If I were an animal, I would probably be a parrot. I think a parrot because they’re known for talking, and I am VERY talkative. Parrots are also really colourful which is how I like to imagine I am, very fun, open and bright. I also dress in a lot of bright colours so I think a parrot is a great representation.


What made you interested in joining as a social media member at HCYU?

I’ve been following Her Campus in general for a long time and I love reading all the articles. What brought me into the organization was through social media, especially the Instagram page. Since then I’ve always wanted to be involved in some way. I think it’s an amazing way for people to come together, and I couldn’t think of a better way to be involved other than social media.  

That’s amazing to hear, I am glad you joined us! Tell us how you heard about HCYU. What made you want to join?

I learned about HCYU through the instagram page and thought it looked really inviting and exciting. I learned more about HC through following the account and reading the articles and thought it was an amazing inclusive space that I wanted to be a part of.


What’s your favourite place in Toronto?

My favourite place in Toronto is probably Distillery District especially during this time of the year. I have a mild obsession with lights so I love seeing the Christmas Market and then the Light Festival as well. The displays are always so beautiful and picturesque.


What is your favourite genre of music? Can you list some of the artists you listen to?

My favourite genre is really hard to pick because I listen to a little bit of everything, from pop to alternative to R&B. Billie Eilish is killing it right now, her music is so unique and different. I also love Zayn, and I’m so excited for his new album to come out in December! Ariana, The NBHD, Panic! at the Disco are also some of my favourite artists.


Those are definitely some great artists you have listed and I listen to some of them! List some of your favourite cuisines and/or recommend your favourite go to restaurants!

I’m super not picky about what I eat so I really love trying all different types restaurants, but if I had to pick, Italian cuisine is my favourite. The Cheesecake Factory is a must, their lasagna is to die for. However, my favourite place is Kara Mia, I’ve probably tried everything on their menu and it’s all amazing.


What’s on your bucket list for next summer?

This summer I went white water rafting but because it was my first time I went on the beginner level one. I really want to go back next summer and try the harder ones and I want to try and cliff dive! Other than that, I really want to skydive!



Last but not least, what do you expect to achieve here as a member of HerCampus at YorkU?

As a member of HerCampus, I personally want to bring myself out of my comfort zone and meet new and different people. As a social media member, I want to help show and introduce HC to other people on campus and have them be as interested as I was and am.

All photos are courtesy of Sakina Hussain

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Nabilah is in her 4th year studying Human Resource Management (Hons.). She loves writing as a way to express herself and has a great passion for travelling, trying out new food, dancing, and exploring new fashion. She is currently the VP of Events at HRSA YorkU & a Global Ambassador at York International. Topics relating to travelling to new destinations, health/fitness, skincare, beauty or fashion greatly interests her and Nabilah loves that she is able to share her ideas and experiences through HerCampus.
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