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Her Campus Profile: Alexa Burban

This year, we have many new members joining our Her Campus York U team with Alexa being one of them! Alexa is a writer on our team and is currently studying abroad at Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England this semester. Check out her profile to find out more about Alexa’s interests, school life and reason for joining Her Campus York U! 


Name: Alexa Burban 

Age: 21

Major & Year of Study: Communication Studies, 4th year

City/Hometown: Ajax

Position at Her Campus: Writer

How would your friends describe you? 

Bubbly, organized and loyal.

Who is someone you look up to and why? 

My mum 100 percent! She’s one of the most strong-willed people I know. She’s faced a lot of hardships and challenges in her life but she’s always come out better on the other end. She’s made sacrifices for our family and continues to provide a home that I look forward to coming home to. She’s always stood up for what she believes in and encouraged me to do so. She’s definitely my rock and I hope to be half the woman she is.

If you could pick one song to describe yourself, what would it be? 

“Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson.

What’s your favorite movie? 

The Princess Diaries 1 & 2 and Something Borrowed (but I hate the ending, she should’ve ended up with Ethan).

Where is somewhere you are dying to travel to, but haven’t gone yet? 

I’m dying to get back to London, even though I’ve already been. I just love that city so much! But I’ve never been to Scotland and would love to explore the country!


Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of school? 

I love to read and write! Last year, I read 86 romance novels so I guess you could say I’m an avid reader! I’ve also started writing a book but it’s currently on hold while I focus on my exchange. I’m hoping to pick it back up sometime next year!

What made you want to join Her Campus York U? How have you liked the experience so far? 

This may sound silly, but I’ve always wanted to be a writer of some kind after watching (far more than once) Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw inspired me and her job looked like so much fun. She wrote about love, sex, friendships, dating and everything in between. 

I have loved my time at Her Campus York U so far! The team is filled with brilliant, kind beauties and I love having a place where I can see my work published!


What are the best and worst parts so far about your experience being on exchange? 

I am absolutely in love with Oxford! The amount of history that roams the streets boggles my mind. My flatmates are also so awesome! I got very lucky and have made friends with the girls really quickly! 

I’ve definitely experienced a few setbacks over the past few weeks that I’ve been on exchange but none of them were bad enough to make me want to come home. The only thing about my exchange that sucks is that my family isn’t close by. I’ve lived at home all my life so being away from my mom, dad and brother is hard. My dad visited me in Switzerland this past weekend and I’m seeing him again with my brother in three weeks in London but I won’t be seeing my mom until Christmas. 


Any advice for those interested in going on exchange? 

Just do it! Figure out your budget and go explore the world, wherever it is you may end up! I’ve only been on exchange for a short time but I already know that I’ll be coming back to Canada with new perspectives and memories to last a lifetime!

When you’re stressed, what’s your favorite thing to do to feel relaxed? 

Drink sleepy time tea! If I’m feeling stressed, anxious or when I can’t sleep, sleepy time tea is the answer. There are a few variations but any “sleep tea” will do! It calms me down and allows me to relax. I can’t recommend it enough!


Do you have any big goals you want to achieve before the end of 2019? If so, tell us about them! 

I wouldn’t say I have any big goals that I want to achieve before the end of the year but I would like to achieve an overall positive exchange experience (academically and socially)! And maybe a smooth transition back in Canada? I already know the jetlag is going to hit me hard!


Her Campus York U is so lucky to have Alexa on our team as a writer! She’s our travel inspiration goals and is an awesome girlboss! You can check out all her articles on our site now. 

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Feimoon is in her fourth and final year as an undergraduate student at York University, majoring in Communication Studies. She is passionate about traveling, fashion, beauty, writing and spreading positivity. She is now an Alumni of Delta Psi Delta, and past President. Now she focuses on being a Co-Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus York University chapter!
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