Fall Makeup Looks and Ideas

Summer is the time to be fresh-faced and au naturel so by the time fall arrives, there's a good chance that you’re over the no-makeup makeup look. With that, I suggest saying goodbye to sun-kissed skin and saying hello to burgundies and deep browns to go with those leather jackets. Here are some fun tips, tricks and fall makeup YouTube videos to help you slay all season long!

When I personally do my makeup for fall, I gravitate towards heavy bronzer, a dark eye look and a nude lip. The bronzer just adds a nice tan to the skin and makes my skin look flawless and almost softer than before. The soft skin look is definitely a great way to feel comfortable even when it’s freezing outside. Casey Holmes shows a similar full coverage glam makeup tutorial on her channel with dark eyeshadow and a clean nude lip!

Another one of my go-to products in the fall is blush. A nice rosey flush to the cheeks just helps your skin look healthy and fresh, even when the weather is sad and gloomy. YouTuber Denitslava has a beautiful tutorial on adding just the perfect amount of blush using the Colourpop Fresh n’ Peachy pressed powder blush. This blush is a personal favorite of mine as it leaves my skin with the perfect flush every time.

One of my favorite palettes for the summer was the Natasha Denona Sunrise palette. This palette features super pigmented and bright shadows but for the price ($86), I wanted more use out of it than just the fall. Kelly Strack has a one hour fall makeup transformation video that incorporates the Sunrise Palette into a fall look. I tried out this look and I am absolutely even more in love with this palette.

When the weather is gloomy and cold, the best thing to help overcome it is to have a beaming highlight! One of my favorite current highlighter palettes is RachhLoves x Pixi’s Layers Highlighting Palette. RachhLoves is a fellow Torontonian who collaborated with major makeup brand Pixi and honestly, it is the ultimate highlight palette. The Layers palette has five shades named after various layers you would wear in the fall such as “knit,” “clutch”, and “Tee.” The highlights are blendable, easy to use and can be customized to all skin tones.

Finally, for all of us who love a full coverage, full glam, smudge-proof and flawless makeup look, have no fear, our girl NikkiTutorials is here! Who doesn’t love a perfect cat eye and vampy/glittery lips for fall? Nikki helps take a complicated look and breaks it down step-by-step in this super easy to follow, in-depth fall makeup tutorial. She includes everything from primer to lashes to lip gloss. This makeup look is perfect for a fall date!

Fall is a great time to play around with different makeup and use colors you may not have tried before. Darker shades on both your eyes and lips can be pulled off a lot easier. I usually take the fall season as an opportunity to perfect looks that I may want to try so that I’m ready to show off what I’ve learned when spring and summer roll around. These are just some makeup looks and products that can add to your fall makeup look but with the beauty industry always changing, I’m sure you will never run out of looks to try!