Doing More for Yourself

We’ve seen all the reruns of our favourite shows, we’ve gotten into Quarantine-15, we probably thought we’d use the three months of quarantine to lose the added pounds, and already university classes have begun. Now what do we do now when all of a sudden schools are back, jobs are resuming, and we have online classes to top off the monotonous life most of us would say we’ve been living in quarantine. There's a few simple things you can incorporate into your routine to improve your day and get that feeling of accomplishment without even exerting yourself too much, because if we’re being honest, we’ll probably be home till New Year’s. Fingers crossed that the Coronavirus goes away by 2021!

Even if you’re not the most artistically talented person - make a vision board, make to-do lists. Visualize the future you want and include what is most important to you and cut out pictures that represent this and arrange it on a big bulletin board or poster paper. Things you could include: quotes, people you look up to, travel destinations, dream job set up, self love quotes, and images or people that inspire you! Truly it can be anything you want it to be.

Creating and putting thought into what you want your future to look like and what you’re working so  hard for every morning when you wake up can change your life astronomically.


Woman sitting on top of mountain at sunrise Photo by Denys Nevozhai from Unsplash

Obviously, we can’t just simply visualize our future and leave it at that, we have to consistently work to achieve all that we aspire for and more. So here are some other things to incorporate into your daily routine which are easier than you might expect.

Firstly, a to-do list or planner is a must! With school being online, I’m constantly checking if I have an assignment due and I'm scared that I’ll miss out on one. Just not having to think about it helps relieve your brain significantly, it stops your brain from having to consistently sort out and prioritize which tasks to do, plus that feeling of accomplishment when you cross off something from your to-do list is unmatched -  a much needed hit of dopamine!

minimalist office space with a full agenda Photo by STIL from Unsplash

Next, I would recommend picking up one to three hobbies, one to give you a creative outlet, one to keep you fit and active and one that you could generate income on the side. Remember that we ARE in a global pandemic, you do not need to accomplish everything. Some days just getting out of bed and doing the bare minimum is OKAY. Don’t let social media fool you, burning out and crashing is way worse, sometimes it is better to enjoy having a lazy day.

New Girl Nick Miller TV GIF Giphy / Fox

That being said, if you really think about it, you probably have at least one of the three listed categories: A job? A gym routine? Dancing? Poetry? Baking? The wonderful part is, these hobbies can help you reach the goals you already have set out for yourself in your vision board whether that may be short term or long term plans for yourself. Understand that deciding to go for a 20 minute bike ride, a few times a week, is already setting your brain and body up for the optimum level of productivity and it's a quick energy boost (also would not hurt if you are trying to get rid of some of that Quarantine-15 weight). Or, deciding to apply to join a club, even one you never expected to join but peaked your interest -that's working towards making YOU happy and therefore, setting you up for success. Help your body and brain so it can help you.

Even if you incorporate a 15 minute exercise into your routine you’re bound to see the effects, plus it's one of the easiest ways to boost energy and endorphins. To start off, I recommend following a Youtuber of your choice that caters to what you’re interested in - HIIT, dance, equipment, no equipment. My personal favorites are Vicky Justiz and Popsugar's follow along workout videos on Youtube and I promise you, you’ll thank me later! Then plan when you feel like you’ll most benefit from doing them - whether it be the first thing in the morning or when you’re bored of studying and feel that urge to move.

person kneels to tie their running shoes. they are wearing a coat and a hat and appear to be on a bridge Burst | Pexels In terms of a creative hobby, again, it can truly be anything you want. You can consider dancing as both your creative outlet and exercise. You can use a talent you have, such as painting, baking, creating clothes or personalized jewelry, and sell it on Etsy or another online platform. 

The bottom line is, you can have fun and still work towards your goals and again, it’s not at all necessary to have 3 separate hobbies. Just pick up one that makes you feel productive even when you’re in a bit of a slouch and watch your mindset and attitude change before you.