Black Owned Businesses To Support

There are a ton of amazing black business and entrepreneurs that have been killing the game! Black-owned business often struggle to get off the ground, but there are so many talented individualals who not only share their talent but also use their businesses to empower and give back to the community. In this article, I’m rounding up some excellent black-owned businesses currently in the market.



Fenty, Fenty, Fenty. Need I say more? In 2017, Rihanna launched her Fenty Beauty makeup line which saw enormous success. Her first launch included a universal lip gloss, a few highlighters, and the game-changing PRO FILTER foundation. The brand strived to cater to all skin tones, from light to dark and everything in between, and it did not disappoint. It has even inspired other makeup brands to expand their shade range. Just a few months later, the Savage X Fenty lingerie line was launched, another win. Fenty’s use of racially diverse and body positive models are also refreshing and empowering to people everywhere. With the success of these two brands, it’s safe to say that Rihanna has turned Fenty into a household name



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Green Box Shop

An online based shop, Green Box Shop sells a variety of slogan shirts. Owner Kayla Robinson makes statement shirts in support of movements regarding feminism, racism, gender rights and many more. Robinson hopes to empower and encourage activism through her shirts. Plus, all items are sweatshop labour free!


Talley & Twine 

Named after a previously crime-riddled area in Virginia that has now been reformed, Talley & Twine seeks to present a bright future through their product. The company sells luxury watches that are totally affordable. They sell classic metal timepieces in metals such as gold and silver, and more casual leather watches with interchangeable straps. Here, you can get great quality, fashionable watches at a reasonable price.



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Juvia’s Place   

Juvia’s Place is an indie makeup brand taking inspiration from across the African diaspora in constructing their different collections. I first came across this brand in a YouTube video and was instantly attracted to the colorful and creative eyeshadow palettes. Their products are insanely affordable with the biggest eyeshadow pans. Best of all, the pigment is out of this world! They also sell some cute highlighters and blushes worth trying. If you love makeup, this brand is definitely worth checking out!


Kashmir VIII 

Kashmir VIII sells a variety of apparel and merchandise including hoodies, mugs and canvas clutches. What makes this unique is the artwork that is featured on the products. Business owner Kashmir aims to combine her love and talent in painting through the items she sells. You’ll see every black pop culture icon and legends such as Malcolm X, Beyoncé and Angela Davis.


West Oast 

This California based online store is a unique clothing brand utilizing crochet. Owner Israel Oast patiently crochets every bralette, top and pair of pants himself. You’ll have many different patterns, styles and colors to choose from. This will make such a cute outfit for summer and beach getaways.



Customer appreciation post Wearing an original- Cordelia in rustic orange

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This Canadian brand makes designer prescription eyewear. Each item is handcrafted with reclaimed materials sourced from Ghana. With Bôhten, you not only get fashionable but also sustainable eyewear.


Mahnal Jewelry 

Looking for some new jewelry to accessorize your looks? Explore Mahnal Jewelry’s line of modern brass accessories. Each item may bear slight imperfections and differences, as everything is carefully handmade. In Arabic, Mahnal means attainment, achievement, and success - all attributes that designer Shayba hopes to impart through her pieces.


Black businesses often struggle to get support. Support your black businesses not only during Black History Month but all year round!