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The Best Restaurants Located in the Outskirts of Toronto

Across Toronto, there are neighborhoods (like Yorkville, Little Italy, or near the Beaches) where the hustle of downtown is less extreme, and where skyscrapers are replaced with city parks. And while the downtown core is scattered with restaurants that gain the most spotlight, it’s in the less busy areas where you can find something even better – and here’s a list I’ve compiled to prove it.

Maha’s Restaurant

Location: Little India

If you like leaving restaurants stuffed and satisfied, then Maha’s Fine Egyptian Cuisine might be the ultimate spot for you. Located in the city’s “Little India,” this place doesn’t kid around with its portions. I love the variety that this restaurant features on their menu – you could eat here every day and never get bored!

Brooklyn Tavern

Location: Leslieville​

This restaurant is a laidback spot for those looking to enjoy any meal ranging from breakfast to late-night snack. The Brooklyn Tavern is yet another city gem hidden in the neighbourhood of Leslieville. This is the ultimate restaurant for students as it’s open late and offers a wide range of food options that you never get tired of.

Alchemy Coffee

Location: Markham

Okay, so Markham isn’t exactly in Toronto – but the general Toronto area counts, doesn’t it? Either way, I’m not sure your Toronto pride will keep you from visiting this one. Located within the community of Unionville, Alchemy Coffee is something worth venturing for. The coffee variety alone was enough to entice me!

Schmaltz Appetizing

Location: The Annex

One point for local Toronto bagel shops, although another loss for Tim Hortons. Located on Dupont Street, you will instantly dismiss your citizenship loyalty of the great Mr. Horton once tasting the heavenly bagels at Schmaltz Appetizing. The bagels are made fresh every morning and the ingredients are fresh picked for their store, this store is worth spending your money on!  

Toronto is home to all different types of cuisine from all around the world. These restaurants are just a few that I have tried and fell in love with! If you try any of the listed restaurants or visit any other restaurants in the city that you love, feel free to share them with us on social media, using the hashtag #HerCampusYU!


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