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5 Ways to Conquer Online School this Fall

Hello! School is going to be quite different this upcoming fall. Most classes have moved strictly online during these unprecedented times. For some, the online format is something they’re used to, however, this isn’t the case for everyone. Most students have never taken online classes before and don’t know what to expect or how they will handle it. Here are some tips to conquer school online this fall from students who have taken online classes this past summer.

Use an organizer or weekly planner.

Using a weekly planner is essential while taking online classes. At the beginning of every week, take  some time to jot down everything that you need to do. This is helpful because it lays out the foundation of your week. For example, if you write out exactly what chapters you need to read for your classes, then you erase the need to find and open your syllabus every time you want to check a date. By writing in your planner, you will have everything in one place. Along with readings, homework and quizzes, you can also keep track of your personal activities and have an easier time balancing your personal and school life.

Time Blocking

This is another simple, but very effective tool. Time blocking is when you set aside a specific time during the upcoming week to do specific class work. Having this time set aside in advance keeps you accountable. This works because when you don’t plan time for specific school work, then it is easier for you to not do it at all. By doing this you become one step closer to successfully completing your online course.

Use your resources

There are various ways to get help with an array of topics on campus. Although they will be laid out a little differently this upcoming fall, they are still available while classes are online. The library offers a variety of services like research help and the writing centre, and all of their services are still running via Zoom. The most important piece of advice when it comes to on-campus resources is to take advantage of them! They are there for you and are extremely helpful.

Check your class pages

Checking your class pages at least once a day is a smart idea. If you only check your class page on the day of that class, there’s a chance  you will have missed some information or new postings throughout the week. It only takes five minutes to check the pages, and this will ensure that you don't miss any new information or updates from your professor. It may take a bit of time but if you keep up this habit, checking your class pages will soon become a part of your routine.


Last, but not least, make sure to put the same effort into an online class as you would an on-campus class. It is easy to let online class work slide, especially when the class doesn’t have synchronous meeting times leaving you to watch the lectures on your own time. You should still put the same amount of time and care into an online class even though you don’t have the same routine, like going to a lecture hall and taking in the information there. Find something that works for you in your space so that you can give the same attention to your online work as you would to an on-campus class.

In conclusion, online school is going to be different for everyone. Everyone has different levels of adaptation, and it will come easier to some than others. Just remember: you can do it! Stay organized, plan your weeks, check your class pages, stay accountable and don't forget about all of those resources you have at the tip of your fingers! Thank you for reading and good luck to everyone!
Hi, Im Jaden! I am a Bachelor of Science Psychology major at York University. I love to read, write, workout and crochet.
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