The 5 Highlights of Glendon Campus

Glendon, the bilingual campus of York University, is often overshadowed by its larger counterpart, Keele. While York offers over 160 programs and hosts more than 50,000 students, Glendon’s communications program is barely three years old. With less than 3,000 students, we rarely get campus-wide events or important speakers. However, as a fellow Glendonite, I can say that Glendon Campus has a lot to offer for its size.

Leslie Frost Library

At first glance, this may seem like a forgettable place you’d put at the bottom of your bucket list. But a closer look will reveal comfy couches, study rooms and even a little fireplace. The best part is that, unlike Keele’s libraries, this one is rarely crowded.


Photo via Glendon at YorkU

The Manor

This place is a staple in Glendon’s promotional materials and students’ Instagram feeds because of its beauty. However, the real treat lies inside. With a grand staircase and chandeliers, this manor holds classes for graduate students and Lunik in its lower level. Post-grads can even enjoy the student lounge located in the attic of this historic house.




So grateful to be studying at this beautiful school  #momentgl #campuslove #naturephotography

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Lunik Co-op

Lunik is no secret here at Glendon; this spot is the alternative cafe and go-to place for most students. Owned by and made for students, Lunik runs events on a regular basis with its most recent being Long Night Against Procrastination.




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Glendon Forest

Behind Sunnybrook hospital and right near the Glendon Athletic Club, you’ll find a path that leads to the longest but most beautiful trail. It’s the perfect place to jog if you’re feeling the outdoors, but taking a walk with a friend is acceptable too.




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The Glendon Accessibility Centre

This might be a weird pick, but trust me when I say that just walking into the Glendon Accessibility Centre is enough to relax me. This place is not a chill spot but more of a resource — the Centre occasionally hosts events and even has crisis counselors on call. Plus, there are free pads, tampons and condoms.

To all of my fellow York students: if you’ve never been to Glendon, I highly recommend you visit. We don’t have our own mall or sports bar, but our campus is full of little wonders. If you thrive in smaller communities, you’ll benefit from being able to know your librarians by name and passing by familiar faces on campus. If you need a break from the crowd at Keele, we’re just one shuttle bus away.