5 Easy 2000s Looks as Halloween Costumes

At the beginning of September, I had a small 2000s themed party for my birthday with a few friends and family, following social distancing and safety guidelines. It turned out to be a huge hit! I found that everyone was really excited about the theme and noticed how easy it was to find amazing and accurate looks. This gave me the idea to keep the trend going by thinking of some inspired looks perfect for Halloween costumes. This theme doesn’t require a ton of effort to achieve a great look and transports you right back to simpler times with some of the best movies, fashion and songs to ever exist! 
  1. 1. The School Uniform 

    This is a perfect chance to reuse any plaid skirts, actual high school uniform items or whatever else you can find that’s already in your closet. Some of the best fictional characters are seen in fun and fabulous school outfits like Rory Gilmore, Mia Thermopolis, Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen. Rory and Mia keep it more traditional but in Gossip Girl, the dress code doesn't necessarily apply, which gives you the ability to be creative and add a personal touch like Blair and Serena! When in doubt, borrow a tie from a family member. If you want your look to be taken to the next level, alter or DIY the old high school uniform to give it an iconic 2000s makeover. Add the classic Blair headband for a preppy finishing touch! 
  2. 2. Celebrity Culture

    The 2000s was an iconic time for celebrities and expressing themselves through their style. Due to this we got some pretty famous pop culture moments, and sweatsuits are a strong contender to be the official uniform of the 2000s. If you are struggling to try and narrow it down to a single look to go off of, just think crazy patterns and do tons of layers that definitely shouldn’t go together. The classic long tank tops underneath a t-shirt will always work in your favor. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Tisdale and Hilary Duff are just a few celebrities to take the best outfit inspirations from. You can also find tons of celebrity ideas and inspirations from old teen magazines, album covers, paparazzi shots and even red carpet events depending on what you want to do! This 2000s idea might require some thrift shopping and DIY projects but don’t forget to ask older family members if you can use something or upcycle it! The 2000s fashion trends were very versatile, so it is something that can definitely come in handy for this!
  3. 3. 13 Going on 30 (2004) 

    This is my absolute favorite movie, and I think it is the perfect embodiment of the 2000s style! There are tons of great looks in this film to take as inspiration, especially if you want to do something more challenging. However, I think the easiest and most iconic outfit is the slip dress and long coat moment from when she first finds out she is no longer 13. Jenna Rink explores so many 2000s fashion trends in the film. Don’t be afraid to incorporate some of those accessories and elements into your look too! To complete this look all you need is a sleeping mask, a pajama or slip dress and a light long coat! Bonus if all of it is different colors of pink like in the film. The coat might be the hardest part to find, so check local thrift stores near you or even ask an older family member if they have something similar. If 13 Going on 30 doesn’t match your taste, take ideas from any other classic or favorite 2000s movies! 
  4. 4. Charlie's Angels (2000)

    I can’t think of an easier costume idea than attempting an all black look from the Charlie's Angels 2000s era. Even though the undercover outfits were quite extravagant, when it comes to fighting the bad guys, all black, leather and stilettos were the inspirations. This is another look you can probably create by finding clothes already in your closet! Pair the classy black top that you would wear at a nice dinner or on a night out in the city with some flattering black pants. It truly is that simple! Bonus points if the pants are leather, low rise and have a wide leg. If you want to find a more glamorous and challenging look that might be better suited for you, I highly suggest this. Overall, this is a super easy look that everyone can try to channel the ultimate 2000s look with. 
  5. 5. Makeup & Accessories

    Arguably, this is the most crucial part for a completed 2000s look. It all comes down to the frosty eyeshadow, nude lip gloss, chunky accessories and the funky hairstyles. Things like body glitter, hair bedazzlers, fabric headbands and butterfly clips were all the things I wanted growing up. It also wasn’t a day without a Skittles Lip Smackers and the cotton candy perfume. The makeup and accessories are truly the best elements that really make the look and transport you back to that time period, so don’t skip out! The more glitter, jewels and chunky accessories, the better. If you don’t have anything like that and don’t want to purchase too much stuff for this look, just focus on the makeup. Drugstores still have the trio blue shadows and all kinds of lip glosses for great prices!
I hope this article helped inspire some easy and amazing 2000s outfits and costume ideas for Halloween 2020. No matter what you end up doing, remember to wear a mask, practice social distancing safeties, and really commit to the 2000s look. I guarantee people will love whatever you can put together, and will make for a great Instagram moment!