5 COVID Approved Halloween Activities

Like many events in 2020, Halloween is shaping up to be far different from what we initially planned. But, who said Halloween can’t be as much fun this year as it was last year? Halloween, in the midst of a pandemic, still has the potential to be one of the amazing holidays of the year! It all comes down to tapping into your inner self. All you need is a touch of creativity, a sprinkle of positivity and, most importantly, a cup of imagination so that Halloween 2020 can continue to live up to its hype. So, tap into your creative self and let your imagination shine with these 5 fun COVID approved Halloween activities. 
  1. 1. Awaken your inner artist through pumpkin carving 

    Nothing says Halloween more than a collection of carved pumpkins on your front porch, balcony or even in your home. Awaken your inner artist and put your imagination to work! Try something you might never have thought to do in the past. A couple days ago, I carved my first pumpkin ever, and, might I say, I was very proud of myself. Sometimes taking a step back from the chaotic world we live in today and allowing your imagination to run wild is all that's needed to appreciate life in a different way and destress from the everyday. After you’ve carved your pumpkin, pop the pumpkin seeds into your oven and reward yourself with a savoury treat. Add a tea light in your pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern and step back and admire your masterpiece. 
  2. 2. Experiment with some spooky tasty treats 

    Halloween is our one excuse to indulge in our guilty pleasures without feeling any regret. Rather than tricks, the treats on Halloween are what matters most, and though trick-or-treating might be different this year, who said this dream can’t still be fulfilled? This year, in the comfort of your home, tap into your inner chef and put your hands to work in the kitchen with some frightfully mouthwatering Halloween snacks. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s brownies, cookies, cakes or candy! Experiment with some cute, yet spooky, goodies and saturate your Halloween spirit. And you might just become the next MasterChef in Halloween treats. Need ideas on how to make your Halloween treats look more festive? Have a look at this website for some frightening, yet delicious, Halloween snacks. So, turn on some music, grab that apron, and get to baking. 
    halloween baked good / treat of cookie and chocolate with pretend eyeballs
  3. 3. Grab a Halloween novel and prepare to be spooked 

    As temperatures begin to drop and days become more gloomy, Halloween keeps our spirits up with great anticipation. However, for those who like to take part in the Halloween festivities more intimately, explore the magic of Halloween through the pages of your favorites books. If you don't normally read stories of thrill, mystery or horror, take this time to venture out and try something new because you might be surprised by how much you enjoy it in the end. Light a fall scented candle, make your favorite fall drink, grab a cozy blanket, and curl up with a spooky read. Halloween this year can fulfill any introvert's dream. Stuck on where to start your search? Check out this website for ideas on some classic horror books that’ll be sure to get you in the Halloween spirit. 
    person wearing grey socks standing on porch
  4. 4. Decorate your home for Halloween 

    Who doesn't like decorating for a holiday, especially when it’s for Halloween? Halloween is the perfect time to let your imagination run wild by decorating your home for the spooky season. Take this opportunity to go all out with decorations. Whether it be masking up and making a quick stop to your local Halloween store, shopping online or using what you have at home, allow the Halloween spirit to surround your home. From your porch to your bedroom, let your creativity shine while making your neighbors wish they were as creative as you. Grab some lights and wrap them around your house, place your scary yet captivating jack-o-lantern on your front porch, and watch as your neighbours stop to admire. Enliven your home with the spirit of Halloween and get ready to be the spooktacular showstopper of the neighborhood. 
    Skeletons as Halloween decor
  5. 5. Host your own movie marathon 

    Due to a rapid increase of COVID-19 cases in certain regions, many movie theaters,which were scheduled to release Halloween films, have begun to close. But, since we are only a couple days away from October 31, why not treat this as an opportunity to watch a Halloween favorite every night leading up to Halloween. Take this time to host your own movie marathon. Make some popcorn or maybe a Halloween treat, dim the lights, round up your close family and friends, grab some blankets and pillows for protection, and get ready to be spooked. Whether you’re into jaw chilling films, or just wish to watch one with your whole family, revise some of these old but gold Halloween classics. These movies are sure to get you spooked and in the spirit of Halloween— but don’t say I didn't warn you.  
    halloween movie laptop
Halloween 2020 is far from being canceled. It still has the potential to spark enjoyment and thrill, though it might be different. There are multiple ways to make October 31 special, and it all happens in the comfort of your own home. From pumpkin carving and Halloween baking, to chilling reads, showstopper decorations, and scary movie marathons, there are multiple activities you can do to make this spooky holiday once again special. Celebrate Halloween like you do every year, but do so smartly by following public health measures; Halloween 2020 can definitely be a holiday worth remembering.